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Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Compact Pillow

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A sumptuous pillow specifically designed for front sleepers. You'll get exceptional support thanks to unique Octaspring® technology. It's 8 times more breathable than standard memory foam pillows too! more info

  • Free Next Day Delivery
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium to Firm
  • Depth: 12cm
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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  • Benefits
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Delivery
  • Benefits

    Specifically designed for those who like to sleep on their front
    A shallower pillow for exceptional posture alignment
    Unique Octaspring® technology
    Featuring two memory foam layers for snuggly comfort
    Medium-firm feel for perfect support
    Enjoy a pillow that is 8 times cooler than the average memory foam product
    Cover is removable and machine washable at 30°C
    Super soft-touch cover
    Depth: 12cm
    2 Year Warranty
  • Description

    The Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Compact Pillow  is the perfect choice if you’re looking to invest in a pillow with exceptional support and comfort.

    Ideal for front sleepers

    This pillow has been specifically designed for front sleepers. Featuring a lower profile than standard, this pillow will help keep your spine in healthy alignment if you sleep on your front. This means you'll wake up feeling rejuvenated and free from aches and pains!

    Are you a back or side sleeper? Why not check out our Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Standard Pillow or Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Plus Pillow instead?

    Fresher feel every night

    The Octaspring® True Evolution Compact Pillow is the solution to the main issue that comes with most memory foam products - the heat. Make uncomfortably warm nights a thing of the past! Outstanding Octaspring® technology makes this pillow much cooler so that you can experience a fresher and more relaxing night’s sleep.

    8 times more breathable

    With 35 Octasprings sandwiched between two layers of luxurious memory foam, you’ll get more air circulation for a cooler and more hygienic night’s sleep. This technology makes the True Evolution Compact Pillow 8 times more breathable than classic memory foam pillows.

    Perfect comfort

    Since Octaspring® technology also provides cradling support for your head and neck and combined with two layers of high quality memory foam, you’ll enjoy your most comfortable night’s sleep yet!

    Great support

    The innovative memory foam springs are designed to move three-dimensionally to support your unique shape. Moulding to your head and neck, you’ll get high levels of pressure relief where you need it most. It’s clear that this pillow was created with the intention of giving you the most cosy night’s sleep possible!

    Easy to care for

    Featuring a removable soft-touch cover, you can enjoy the brand new pillow experience every night. This pillow can be machine washed at 30°C so you can always have that clean feel.

  • Dimensions

    Please note: all dimensions are approximate.

    We recommend purchasing pillow cases that are 70cm long and 50cm wide.

    Depth: 12cm (4.7")

    Width: 40cm (15.7")

    Length: 60cm (23.6")

  • Delivery

    Next Day Delivery or Choice of Delivery Day

    When in stock, you can receive this product the very next day when ordered before 4pm.

    Don't want it tomorrow? No problem! Simply choose a different day in the basket.

    Available with the following delivery options:

    Free Delivery

    Delivered to the door of your building absolutely FREE.

    Saturday Delivery

    Perfect for those who are not available during the week.

    Costs £17.50 in addition to any other delivery costs.

    Delivery is on an all-day service, 7am - 8pm, Monday - Friday.

    For further information, please visit our Delivery page.

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