Best Bedroom Themes for 2018

Best Bedroom Themes for 2018

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It's a new year, which means it's the perfect time to try a fresh new look for your bedroom! If you're feeling a little blah, one of the best things to do is to change your environment. Although humans beings are creatures of habit, we also crave variety. Create a bedroom that is cosy, calming and entirely you by choosing one of our 2018 bedroom themes!

We've scoured the web for the hottest interior trends and cutting-edge designs, and compiled them into four fabulous bedroom mood boards to inspire you!


A collage of attractive natural rooms with white linens, wicker baskets and green plants

Natural Boho Bedroom

Exposed wood, plants, bohemian throws and hangings - bring the outside inside.

Key colour: Sage green and pine

Decor items: Large-leaved plants such as maidenhair or monarch ferns are perfect for this look. Use wooden bowls and repurposed mason jars to store small items. Exposed wooden furniture and wicker baskets can also contribute to that gorgeous, hippie look.

Focal point: A shaker style wooden bed frame (bottom left of image), such as the pine frame above from Friendship Mill - essential, simplistic and available from our online store!

Check out our bohemian bedroom Pinterest board for more fabulous decorating inspo!


A collage of pastel decor including floral bedcovers, roses in a pale pink vase on a white fur rug and a jewellery holder make of vintage crockery.

Vintage Shabby Chic

Pastels, florals, faux fur and china trinkets - get that 50's housewife vibe!

Key colours: Soft pink or baby blue

Decor items: Faux sheepskin rugs, wooden furniture with a crisp coat of white paint, sprays of fresh flowers and plenty of porcelain or china trinkets. A vintage cup and saucer can be repurposed as a jewellery dish or even a scented candle holder!

Focal point: A gilt vanity table complete with mirror and pink pouffe to capture that wonderfully girly, boudoir feel.

Don't forget to look at our vintage Pinterest board for more Hollywood glam!


A collage of stark white rooms, a simple black geometric light fitting and greenery in a chrome vase of a white desk.

Modern Minimalist

Crisp whites and glossy blacks - geometric shapes and sparse decoration are essential

Key colours: Black and white

Decor items: As little as possible - minimalism is often about what you don't include. Scale your decorative items right back and keep surfaces clear and spacious.  Geometric shapes such as the light fitting above and greenery in inventive pots will create a space of easy movement and free thought!

Focal point: Your bed is likely to be the largest and most essential item in your room. With this in mind, try accessorising it with simple black and white bedding and a pop of colour or a funky pattern. Use a blanket, throw or cushion to achieve this eye-catching effect.

For a fantastic black minimalist frame try the City Block metal bed frame from Time Living. It's the perfect piece of statement furniture! Find more ideas on our modern minimalist Pinterest board!


A collage of rooms featuring dark wood, vintage books and monochromatic grey clothes on a rail

Neutral, Dark and Cosy

Dark wood, soft armchairs and plenty of cushions - create a cosy reading nook

Key colours: Navy and cool greys

Decor items: Dark wood is predicted to be one of the most sought-after materials this year. Bookshelves, beds and coffee tables can all benefit from a stunning dark stain. Use neutral colours for cushions and blankets (which should be strewn around generously).

Focal point: Prioritise comfort by investing in a stylish armchair. You can strategically place this close to a bookcase for lazy Sunday afternoons.

Again, you can find more over at our neutral, dark and cosy Pinterest board.


These are just a few of our ideas but feel free to mix and match as you wish. There are no rules when it comes to your bedroom, but hopefully one or two of these bedroom themes may have caught your eye!

To come up with some bedroom themes of your own, check out the other decorating posts on our site. We have advice for making over your child's bedroom on a budget as well as how to home-stage your bedroom when marketing your house to potential buyers.

Thank you for reading, and happy decorating!