Makeover Your Child’s Bedroom on a Budget

Makeover Your Child’s Bedroom on a Budget

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Redecorating your child’s bedroom can prove an expensive business. Not only do you have basic costs for paint and other essentials, but the rapid rate that children grow means that furniture often has a short lifespan. However, it’s possible to completely transform your child’s bedroom for very little money, using a little creativity and shopping around.

Follow our guide to makeover your child’s bedroom on a budget.


Refresh the walls


Repainting the walls can be a makeover in itself, and all for the cost of a tin of paint. Artwork can also be affordable. Why not decorate the walls with collages or pictures that your child has created? Put these into simple frames and change the pictures every few months – it’s amazing what a difference a few new paintings will make to a room. Alternatively, fix twine across the bedroom walls and affix your child’s paintings with pegs, or make bunting from colourful card and hang around the room.


Picture of a toddler playing in his room.


Update bedding and curtains


Wait for sales when buying new bedding and curtains as great savings can be made. Alternatively, you can reinvigorate old, plain bedding and curtains by adding your own touches. Cut out a few shapes from old fabric and sew them on – the more rustic and colourful the better.


Add a rug


A new carpet can prove expensive, as can re-treating a wooden floor. One budget tactic for changing the appearance of your child’s room is to invest in a rug or two. As well as hiding an old carpet or scuffed floor, a rug will change a room in the same way that changing wall pictures will.


Turn collectibles into focal points


Picture of seashells collected and stacked on a table.


There’s no need to invest in new things to fill the room – most of these will be outgrown quickly. As many children enjoy collecting things – from pebbles and shells to leaves and flowers – use these as focal points instead of filing them away in a drawer. A pile of shells on a desk will fill a space and add a personal touch; small pebbles can be collected in glass jars and displayed in the same way.




Only invest decent money in furniture pieces that will last, and still be in use years later. Spend less on furniture that you know will be outgrown quickly, such as a bed or desk. Shop around and check local newspapers and internet sites for second hand sales. You can often pick up a piece that looks brand new for considerably less, or something that will come back to life following a lick of paint.


Over-the-door racks


Storage facilities that hang over doors are cheap, space saving and eye-catching. Filled with toys they also add a wash of colour to a room in the same way as a lick of paint.


Innovate and be creative


Products officially sold for storage can often add up. See what you have in the house already that can be made dual-purpose, from old tin plant pots to cake tins or glass jars that formally housed candles. Cleaned up or painted, such everyday pieces can make great storage items for trinkets and small toys. Beanbags and cushions can also transform the appearance of a room, doubling as seating that they won’t grow out of, unlike a child’s chair or sofa.