4 Sleep Quotes to Stimulate Your Brain Cells

4 Sleep Quotes to Stimulate Your Brain Cells

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Sleep is such a beautifully strange thing. At night we put our heads on our pillows intending to clock off from the world to rest and recharge. As we do, our body performs a multitude of tasks that keeps us ticking over physically and mentally.

It’s no surprise therefore that sleep is often chosen as the subject for thought-provoking quotes that can motivate and inspire. Here are four of our favourites for you to muse over with your morning coffee.


1) Sleep is the best meditation


This quote - attributed to the Dalai Lama - recognises the restful and replenishing nature of sleep. Meditation is said to clear the mind. It also helps us refocus and put our thoughts in order.

Similarly, sleep promotes healing, and plays a part in organising and storing our memories. Our subconscious often works on important issues through dreaming, and can help us explore opportunities and worries.

On a related note, sleep is often said to be “the best medicine”. And an old Irish proverb attests that “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”.

A Buddhist monk meditating on a hilltop.


2) Sleep solves everything


You’ll see this quote used as a slogan on plenty of posters and wall prints and it’s something we at Mattress Online can really relate to.

Feeling sick? A lazy day under the duvet is most definitely in order.

Had a particularly emotionally-charged day? A good sleep often helps you to put things in perspective.

Sleep also allows you to wake up with renewed enthusiasm to tackle the challenges before you. Not sure what decision to make about a particular situation or life choice? Sleep on it and give yourself chance to better review the situation tomorrow. Of course, in many of these examples sleep isn’t really the solution. It’s simply a tool to let you reset and find the right path.


3) Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep


Dare to dream, they say! Do so and you could be inspired to change your path or find the motivation to push your plans forwards. And, as this quote goes, your future depends on your dreams...so go to sleep.

Of course, this quote may be commenting on the fact we dream about possible futures and ambitions when we enter the land of nod. But it could also be referring to our need to rest in order to fulfil our potential.

Proverbs tell us that the early bird catches the worm, and successful entrepreneurs often talk about sacrificing sleep in order to push towards success. All well and good, but let us not forget how having adequate sleep helps us to perform at our peak.


4) When we are asleep in this world we are awake in another


Portrait of the artist Salvador Dali.


This is a quote from the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali. And what a beautiful sentiment it is!

How many times have you woken confused about whether a dream was real or not? Are our dreams not just another world where we live in our imagination?

Dali was captivated by the images that he saw just on the cusp of sleep and waking. Thus the concept of sleep was an important one to him. He used images from his dreams in his paintings and is even said to have let himself drift into sleep over a metal plate. This was so he would instantly wake by hitting a key off the plate as he fell forward into sleep. As a result he was able to to quickly transfer the images he had conjured onto paper.

Curiously, Dali is said to have thought sleep itself was a waste of time, which is something we definitely don’t agree with!

Do you have a different interpretation of the quotes above that you’d like to share? If you’ve got a favourite sleep quote of your own, let us know.