Getting a Good Night’s Sleep This Winter

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep This Winter

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"My bed sheets are so cold!"

"I just can't get warm"

"My feet are like ice!"


Find yourself muttering this a lot over the winter months?

Regret wishing for colder temperatures while you tossed and turned in the summer heat? (The rare few days we did get!)

The days of freezing temperatures, ice-block feet, and scraping ice from cars are upon us. But great news - your sleep doesn't have to suffer!

Woman using a blanket to cover her face from the winter cold
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Research by The Telegraph found that 55 percent of people complain of "cold and discomfort" during the winter, but there is a solution - in fact, there's a few!


Winter sleep tips


Enjoy a comfortable and quality night's sleep this winter with these sleep tips:


1. A quality mattress


Find a mattress which has a thicker side for the winter months; a soft sleeping surface is a much better insulator than a flat one. Mattresses with natural fillings such as wool and cashmere provide a soft, warm surface for a comfortable night's sleep.

Take a look at some of the best natural filling mattresses on the market.  Any other mattress questions? Check out our advice page for the answers you're looking for.


2. Divine duvets


Several layers of bedding or a higher tog rating will help trap warm air whilst you sleep. After all, choose the right tog and you'll sleep like a log!


3. Neglect napping


A poor night's sleep can tempt you into a daytime nap. Sleeping in the day will only keep you awake at night. Fight all urges and you will drift off much easier at night.


4. Light exercise


Stretching helps to increase the circulation around your body and raises your temperature slightly before bed. Don't do anything too strenuous though! This will raise your heart rate and prevent you from being able to sleep.


5. Nightcap


A warm milky drink can help to raise your body temperature before bed. Drinks high in caffeine such as coffee should be avoided as these are sure to keep you awake!


6. Night clothes


Investing in a set of pyjamas is a great way of keeping warm in bed. Choose pyjamas made from cotton, wool, or silk as these can help keep you warmer than other materials. You can pick up some pretty snazzy designs in the shops!


7. Warm bath


Enjoying a warm bath before bed will help you feel sleepy and relaxed (any excuse to use those scented candles we say!).


8. Room temperature


The Sleep Council recommend a bedroom temperature of between 16 and 18°C for a good night's sleep. Blocking cold draughts and using central heating will help create a warm, cosy atmosphere.


9. Hot water bottle


Probably the most 'old school' technique of the bunch. Your hot water bottle will radiate heat under the covers and help melt those ice-block feet!

Colourful knitted socks
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Word of warning!


These tips are likely to make you a lot cosier - making it harder to crawl out of bed in the morning!

But, combine this advice with our playlist - 14 awesome songs to wake up to - and you won't be pressing the snooze button anytime soon!