Do You Know How to Hygge and Are You Channelling Còsagach?

Do You Know How to Hygge and Are You Channelling Còsagach?

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From the Scandis to the Scottish, it seems we’re all talking about embracing the simple things, striving for comfort and making ourselves extra cosy. Concepts for living from the Danish Hygge (pronounced ‘Hooga’) through to the Gaelic Còsagach (pronounced 'Coe-sa-goch'), have well and truly established themselves as lifestyle trends.

Understandably, these mottos to live by have transcended into the world of interior design too. Since comfort is a major priority for us here at Mattress Online, today on the blog we’re talking about treating yourself well by creating a bedroom that’s the height of Hygge or completely Còsagach. Are you ready to step into your comfort zone?


Girl wrapped in blanket.


The important principles


While Hygge is essentially all about enjoying the moment and revelling in the little things that brighten up our days, it’s also associated with cosiness, which overlaps with what Còsagach is said to represent in Gaelic. The latter apparently embodies the terms ‘snug’ and ‘sheltered’, though there is some disagreement about this. Whether cosiness is something you want to capture throughout the space or you share a room and would like to set up your own perfect little nest, here are some things to think about:

  • Light, warmth and sound all have a part to play in creating a cosy atmosphere.
  • These wellbeing terms encourage us to enjoy activities with others and our own company.
  • Whatever your personal décor style, you can incorporate elements of these trends by making small changes that make you feel totally at home.


Tools to create your own cosy


Candle in the dark.


Of course, being Hygge or Còsagach isn’t about owning certain items of furniture or furnishings, though there may be things that promote that cosy feeling. For you, it may be about introducing more tactile fabrics or moving your bookcase into the bedroom so that you always have a book on hand to snuggle up with.

Here are a few suggestions:


1. Hyggebusker

Hyggebusker is the Danish word for those special lounge pants you love to wear round the house but aren’t appropriate garb for a trip to the supermarket, so don’t be ashamed to slip into yours when the opportunity arises.


2. Candles

Candles play a huge part in Hygge in Denmark. If you’re using them in the bedroom though, remember not to leave them unattended.


3. Textiles

Blankets, throws, snuggly pillows and your favourite teddy bear can all help you feel as comfortable as can be.


4. Hobbies

Make time for hobbies that make you feel warm and fuzzy – would your bedroom benefit from a record corner or reading chair?


5. Switch off

Switching off from social media, enjoying breakfast in bed or snuggling up with your other half to read the weekend papers with cups of tea could all help you find your inner Hygge.


Is your bedroom a cosy space where you spend time relaxing or do you head there for sleep alone? What do you think about the Hygge and Còsagach trends? Are they something you could get on board with? Read our posts about the best bedroom themes for 2018 and getting a good night's sleep to start feeling Hygge now.