11 Top Summer Sleep Tips

11 Top Summer Sleep Tips

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The sun has got its hat on and temperatures are set to soar! At night - what will stop you sweating like you've ran a marathon? Here are 11 ways you can enjoy a cool night's sleep this summer.


1. Wear light clothing


If going commando isn't your thing, wear breathable and light bed clothes instead. Pyjamas made from natural fabrics - such as cotton - help to wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry.



2. Take a shower


A lukewarm shower before bed will help reduce your body temperature. A really cold shower may feel great at first, but this will actually shock your body into raising your temperature to compensate for the cold.

Top tip: Gradually lower the temperature of your shower from its usual setting until it becomes reasonably cool.


3. Rest your head on a cooling pillow


Feeling a little hot-headed? We all know flipping your pillow over to feel the cold side doesn't last long. Now you don't need to! Check out our Sealy Posturepedic Cooltech Gel Pillow - it features a built-in cool gel layer to keep you feeling cool and fresh all night long.

Sealy Posturepedic Cooltech Gel Pillow showing its cool side that will help you sleep during the summer nights
Cooling pillows offer a fresh and comfortable night's sleep during the summer


4. Use a lightweight duvet


Does your on/off relationship with your duvet sound a little like this?

Urgh! So hot. Get off me!

Hmm now I'm cold. Come back!

... Maybe just one leg out?

Banish the heat with a lighter duvet in a low tog rating. Check out our Silentnight 4.5 Tog Summer Duvet - it's specifically designed for the warmer summer months.


5. Consider a cooling mattress


The latest mattresses are now so much more advanced when it comes to temperature regulation. Adaptive® technology and climate control mattress covers - such as Coolmax and Tencel - help to control excess heat and wick away moisture so you can enjoy a fresher, cooler night's sleep.

Check out our full range of cooling mattresses and treat yourself this summer!


6. Fan your room


A fan isn't the quietest solution but it is one of the most effective. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, point your fan towards an open window to allow the hot air to escape.

Top tip:  For an extra cool feel, place a pan of ice directly underneath your fan. As it slowly melts, the fan will spray a fine mist of cooling water, helping to combat the heat further!



7. Keep curtains closed during the day


Shut your curtains and pull down your blinds during the day, particularly on the side of your house that gets the sun. This will help prevent your room from overheating. Blackout blinds are especially good at blocking out the light - and heat!


8. Sleep in the coolest room


Heat rises! The ground floor of your house is likely to be cooler than the first floor - so try sleeping downstairs.

If a summer on the sofa sounds less than ideal, why not check out our range of fold-out beds as a temporary solution? It could be your summer saviour!


9. Stay still


Your body temperature needs to fall slightly in order to cue the onset of sleep. Tossing and turning will actually make you hotter! Try to lie still and resist the temptation to move around in bed - if possible!



10. Sleep alone


Not one for the love birds out there! But did you know? Sharing a bed can actually make you feel hotter, since you also have your partner's body heat to contend with.

Try sleeping in different beds as a temporary solution, which will enable you to stretch out and allow air to circulate more freely around your body.


Don't want to sleep separately?


If you share a standard double-sized bed with your partner, did you know that you both only get the same amount of space that a baby has in a cot? Shocking, right?!

Consider whether your bed is big enough. A king size or superking mattress could be a better alternative, helping you and your partner to enjoy a cool night's sleep together.

Want to find out more? Check out how big your mattress should be over on our page, what size mattress do I need?


11. Drink more water


It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day - but what about the night? Keep a glass of water by your bed and take a couple of sips if you wake up feeling hot and bothered.

Warning: Drinking a full glass of water before bed may result in a middle-of-the-night toilet trip!


Aaaand relax


Summer really is the best time of year, but there's no need to let your bedroom become a sauna. Relax, follow our top tips - and do a little less sweating and a lot more sleeping this summer!