Your Ultimate Lazy Day Toolkit

Your Ultimate Lazy Day Toolkit

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Sometimes, the absolute best thing you can do is nothing at all. Whether you’re under the weather or in need of some down time, a lazy day is a real luxury that lets you relax and recharge. Did you know that February 6th is National Sickie Day?

With 'Dry January' coming to an end and bugs being passed around offices, schools and nurseries, we Brits are apparently most likely to need a day off here and there. If you’re sick or you’re just in need of a home 'staycation', make sure you’re fully prepped for the ultimate lazy day.


Your duvet


There’s a reason lazy days are often called 'duvet days'. That’s because these comfort kings are unrivalled at giving you that snuggly, cocooned feeling that a lazy day demands. Stay in bed and take full advantage of the warmth! Or take your duvet to the sofa so you have more amenities at hand. You could even choose to incorporate your duvet into a pillow fort. The choice is yours.


Feet up relaxing in bed.


Snack tray


Unless you’ve got a nasty bug, chances are you’re going to get hungry at some point. And you definitely don’t want crumbs creeping under the duvet.

This, my friend, is why snack trays were invented!

Invest in something fancy with lots of different compartments. Or use a regular tray with bowls of different snacks, and fill to the brim with your favourite finger foods. After all, variety is the spice of life. Having things you can reach for throughout the day means you won’t need to leave your snuggly surroundings unless you want to.

Don’t forget the drinks either. Put your water in a bottle to help prevent spills. Consider making coffee or tea in a travel mug to keep it hot for longer. Finally, when the time comes to eat a proper meal, consider ordering takeaway from your phone so that you don’t waste any energy foraging.


Lounge gear


Getting properly dressed isn’t your priority on a lazy day. However, you may want to change into something that really boosts your comfort levels.

In Danish, there’s a special word for those comfortable pants that you wouldn’t leave the house in and that’s 'hyggebusker'.

You might prefer a onesie or feel most cosy in your other half’s oversized sweatshirt. Maybe you’re happiest in your pyjamas, dressing gown and bed socks. Anything goes as long as you’re ready to lounge!


Girl in pyjamas drinking tea.


Background noise


You might want to gear up to binge-watch your favourite box set or get stuck into a new series on Netflix. Or perhaps your priority is having a snooze, in which case you could chill out to a sleep-inducing playlist.

On a lazy day, a bit of background noise is easy entertainment that you don’t have to commit too much brainpower to.

If you want to make yourself feel better, be sure to schedule in watching some of your favourite funny films and set those belly laughs free.


A charged phone


It doesn’t hurt to have some reading material to hand. Books, magazines or newspapers are all great for a quick flick through. However, when it comes to leisurely browsing, your smartphone is your friend. Scroll through social media, read the news or start perusing your takeaway options for later, all without moving an inch.

What’s on your list of accompaniments for the ultimate lazy day? Perhaps you could be kind to your future self.