10 Best Pillows for 2021

10 Best Pillows for 2021

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There’s a huge variety of pillows to choose from, but don’t worry, we’ve made it simple and selected the top ten for 2021. No matter how you sleep, you'll definitely find the right pillow for you.

With a wide range suitable for all sleeping positions and varying depths and fillings, you’ll be sure to find a great pillow for your bedroom. Check out our guide for more information on the different types.

So sit back and let us take you through the pillows that are guaranteed to revolutionise your sleeping experience.

1. Best pillow overall: Casper Pillow

Designed to suit every type of sleeper

Casper Pillow

Kicking off our list is the Casper Pillow - a fantastic all-rounder made to support every sleeping position! It's made from a supportive inner and a fluffy outer pillow to create the perfect sleeping surface. You can even customise your sleeping experience! Keep them together for the full comfort experience or just use the inner pillow for a firmer feel.

Price: From only £65.00


  • Great for all types of sleepers
  • Two-in-one pillow-in-pillow design
  • Medium-firm for support and comfort
  • Available in standard and super king sizes
  • Luxuriously deep at 21cm


Overall review score: 8.5/10

So comfortable! Squidgy, but supportive, plumps up nicely each day


2. Best memory foam pillow: Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillow

Soothing and supportive for perfect bliss

Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re looking for a memory foam pillow to soothe you to sleep, then the Aloe Vera is for you. With a deep layer of memory foam to support your head, it’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Paired with an aloe vera-infused cover, your pillow will always feel fresh and clean - perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Price: From only £30.00


  • Aloe vera-infused cover
  • Medium-soft - perfect to sink into
  • A deep layer of memory foam 
  • Hypoallergenic for a sneeze-free sleep
  • 17cm deep for your comfort


Overall review score: 8.5/10

Love these pillows, had a wonderful sleep


3. Best pillow for side sleepers: Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Latex Pillow

Deeper comfort for side sleepers

Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Latex Pillow

The Relyon Superior Comfort will leave you feeling totally refreshed. Inspired by the well-known Dunlopillo Super Comfort Latex Pillow, this generous pillow is sumptuously deep and firm. It's designed for side sleepers and will give you all the pressure relief you need. The unique bounce-back technology also means it will stay plush and fluffy for longer.

Price: From only £74.95


  • Perfect for side-sleepers
  • 100% natural latex
  • Luxuriously deep at 17cm
  • Rated firm for extra support
  • Bounce-back technology


  • Try the slim version if you're a front or back sleeper
  • You might prefer a softer alternative

Overall review score: 9.3/10

Wouldn't buy any other pillow


4. Best pillow for back sleepers: Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Plus Pillow

Back sleepers will love it

Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Plus Pillow

The Dormeo Octaspring Plus was specially designed for back sleepers. Say goodbye to neck pain as the extra depth supports your unique shape. It's temperature-regulating, too so you can stay cool throughout the night. We guarantee you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated!

Price: From only £59.95


  • Great for back and side sleepers
  • 16cm deep for support and comfort
  • Breathable for a cool night’s sleep
  • Best of both worlds with a medium-firm rating
  • Two layers of memory foam


  • It could be a little too supportive for some
  • If you prefer a warmer feel, this may not be for you

5. Best pillow for front sleepers: Mammoth Ultimate Slim Pillow

Front sleepers will love this thinner design

Mammoth Ultimate Slim Pillow

Slimmer than most pillows, the Mammoth Ultimate Slim is great if you sleep on your front. As soon as your head hits the pillow, you’ll feel the effects of the pressure-relieving Medical Grade™ Foam. Drift off to sleep in bliss as the medium-firm rating gives you the best of comfort and support.

Price: From only £69.95


  • Suitable for front and back sleepers
  • Instant pressure relief 
  • Medium-firm for additional support
  • Designed in line with the National Guidelines for Sleep
  • 76% of customers rate it 10/10
  • 15cm deep - a slimmer design for comfort


Overall review score: 9.2/10

Just the right depth to support the neck correctly


6. Best hypoallergenic pillow: Luna Gel Memory Pillow

Ideal for a sneeze-free slumber

Luna Gel Memory Pillow

You don’t have to worry about your allergies disturbing your sleep with the Luna. Completely hypoallergenic, you can sleep peacefully knowing dust mites are banished! The comfortable gel memory foam also helps to relax you instantly. It’s breathable and machine washable too, meaning you can always enjoy a fresh, clean sleep.

Price: From only £49.95


  • Anti-allergy for a sneeze-free sleep
  • Gel memory foam for a plush feel
  • Breathable, cool and fresh 
  • Equal comfort and support with a medium rating
  • Easy to care for


  • If you prefer a warmer feel, this might not be for you
  • At 12cm deep, you may find it too slim if you’re a side sleeper

Overall review score: 10/10

Very comfy


7. Best anti-snore pillow: Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow

Don’t let snoring disturb your sleep anymore...

Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow

Does your snoring wake you or your partner up in the night? Well, we have the solution - the Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow. Ergonomically designed to cradle your head - it'll also help reduce snoring. You’ll get the best comfort and support as it's rated medium. Find out more!

Price: From only £23.99


  • Proven to reduce snoring by 50%
  • Recommended by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association
  • Best for back and side sleepers
  • Rated medium for balanced support and comfort 
  • Hypoallergenic for an allergy-free sleep


  • You might prefer a firmer feel
  • At 15cm, it might be too deep for some

Seems to have helped snoring a lot, big improvement


8. Best breathable pillow: Pure Collection Bamboo Pocket Pillow

Enjoy a cool, refreshing sleep

Pure Collection Bamboo Pocket Pillow

If you're looking for extra comfort and breathability, then the Bamboo Pocket is perfect for you. The comfortable, generous pockets improve breathability and provide gentle support while you sleep. Complete with a bamboo cover, enjoy comfort the natural way with this calming pillow.

Price: From only £40.00


  • 100% natural cotton and bamboo cover
  • Soft-medium rating for extra comfort
  • Unique microfibre pocket design for cradling support
  • Sumptuously deep at 18cm


  • The design may take a few nights to get used to
  • You might need deeper pillowcase to fit

Overall review score: 9.3/10

This is the first pillow that I’ve bought that actually supports my neck!


9. Best value pillow: Silentnight Deep Sleep Luxury Pillow Pair

Super soft pillows that won't break the bank

Silentnight Deep Sleep Luxury Pillow Pair

It’s in the name - enjoy a deeper sleep with the Silentnight Deep Sleep Luxury. Drift off into bliss as you sink into these pillows as the hollowfibre hugs your head and neck. Wonderfully plush with a cosy cover, you'll never want to leave the warmth of this amazing pillow pair!

Price: From only £29.95


  • Great value - comes as a pair
  • Medium-soft for gentle comfort
  • Hypoallergenic for your peace of mind
  • 15cm deep for you to sink into


  • You might like a slightly firmer feel
  • You may prefer the personalised feel of memory foam

Overall review score: 8.5/10

Excellent value for the price


10. Best pocket sprung pillow: Silentnight Pocket Sprung Pillow

Not a fan of memory foam? We’ve got you covered

Silentnight Pocket Sprung Pillow

Enjoy a fully supported night’s sleep with the Silentnight Pocket Sprung Pillow. It provides flexible support with the individual pocket springs which means you won’t wake up with a sore neck. Paired with a cosy quilted cover, you’ll get all the comfort you'll ever need.

Price: From only £25.00


  • Pocket sprung support
  • Luxury quilted cover
  • Medium-firm rating for more stability
  • Hypoallergenic for your peace of mind
  • 15cm deep to cradle your neck


Overall review score: 8.8/10

Didn't know you could get pocket sprung pillows... I'll never go back to normal ones


There you go - our top ten picks for 2021! Here at Mattress Online, we’ve got a wide variety of pillows for you to choose from and they’re all available with Free Next Day Delivery.

If you want to know more about the different types of pillows and which is best for your sleep position, check out our helpful guide and find the one for you today!

Or, if you’d like to find out how often you should change your pillows, we have the perfect page to help.