7 Office Christmas Party Hangover Cures

7 Office Christmas Party Hangover Cures

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The office Christmas party season is well and truly here! It’s an event where many people enjoy a drink or two… or three… or four.

Unfortunately, one too many at the work Christmas party can cause quite the hangover.

Whether you’re still in bed or you’re one of the unlucky ones who have to work, it’s likely that you’ll need a way of curing your dreaded hangover.

Here we’ve listed seven cures that will hopefully wave goodbye to your awful hangover. However, your office party dance moves could live long in the memory of your colleagues!

Woman drinking and dancing at an office Christmas party
Whose idea was it to open that extra bottle?!

Hangover Cure 1: Sleep

I was in bed by 12 - how am I still tired?!

The truth is, alcohol disrupts your sleep patterns. This means you’ll spend less time in a deep sleep than usual. When the effects of alcohol wear off, your sympathetic nervous system may also push you to wake up earlier than you’d like. Doesn’t sound very sympathetic, does it?!

A hungover cartoon character in bed, desperate for hangover cures
That moment you wake up with a Christmas party hangover...

A lack of quality sleep will make your hangover feel ten times worse. If you can’t get back to sleep, try napping throughout the day to catch up on those missed zzz’s!

If you’re like me and get hot flushes when you’re hungover, consider a cooling pillow. The Sealy Posturepedic Cooltech Gel Pillow features innovative gel to help keep your head cool and fight those hot flushes!


Hangover Cure 2: Water


Does your mouth feel drier than the Sahara desert?

What you need is water - and lots of it. Drink what you can throughout the day. Be careful though -  throwing back large amounts in one go could leave you feeling bloated.

Spongebob Squarepants gasping for water
Your dry mouth is down to dehydration. Drink water and lots of it!

Hangover Cure 3: Food


One too many tequila shots at the Christmas party may have left your stomach feeling a little tender. The thought of food may be the last thing on your mind, but it will help.

Foods high in minerals and protein are highly recommended while sugary foods may also help you feel less trembly.

So there you go, a free license to eat all the fast food and chocolate you want!

Mr Bean eating southern fried chicken
Hangovers - the perfect excuse to eat junk food!

Hangover Cure 4: Vitamins


As you rocked around the office Christmas tree with another drink in your hand, vital vitamins were abandoning ship!

Drink fresh orange juice to help replenish your vitamin C stores or throw back a multivitamin tablet to get a whole host of vitamins back into your system.


Hangover Cure 5: Shower


It sounds simple but a cool shower can give you the pick-me-up you need. A shower will help wake your body up from its hungover state and help you feel a bit fresher!

Man dancing in the shower
A shower can help wake you up from your hangover


Hangover Cure 6: Exercise


Now we’re not saying run a marathon, but a short walk can do wonders! Getting your body active will increase your metabolism and blood circulation. This will remove toxins from your body much quicker and help you sleep better when you return home!

Not up for any kind of movement? Try standing outside and get some fresh air, it could be the hangover cure for you.


Hangover Cure 7: Distractions

I'm never drinking again, why did I have those Jägerbombs?!

After a messy Christmas party, it’s quite common to sit and feel sorry for yourself. However, this certainly won’t cure your hangover.

Try distracting yourself from your hungover state and the flashbacks of last night. Have a film day on the sofa, go out with friends. Try anything that will help distract you from how bad your hangover is.


Did our hangover cures work?


To test whether our hangover cures work, we asked some of our staff to give them a try after our office Christmas party! Here’s what they said...

Plenty of water and some greasy food and I was fine!


I have two young kids so they were a loud distraction that seemed to work


I tried as many of these as possible. Vitamins, water, shower, food and a little walk and I survived!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical pill that will take your hangover away (imagine how good that would be?!). Everyone’s hangover cure is different. Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the perfect cure for yours.

Remember: stay strong, you can do this!