Mattress Online: Our Mattress Adoption Programme

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Here at the Mattress Online Adoption Agency, we have a great range of wonderful mattresses who would love to find a new home!


A banner for the Mattress Online Adoption Agency featuring two cartoon mattresses with happy faces.


We have a dedicated team working here at Mattress Online. Our mission? To find every mattress in the UK a good home, whilst ensuring that every home in the UK also has a mattress! A good mattress can improve your sleep, help with back pain and make for a happier, more well-rested life for you and your family.


In 2017 we helped thousands and thousands of mattresses to find new homes - which was incredible, but we’d love to do even more.


Our Mattresses

We won’t rest until we pair you up with your perfect mattress - such as Millie! Soft and comfortable, could Millie be the one for you?


A cartoon mattress with blonde hair and a happy face, available for adoption.


Of course, not everybody wants the responsibility of such a young mattress. In that case - you may like to consider a mattress like Murray. A firm, orthopaedic mattress - Murray is a great choice for those who struggle with back pain!


A cartoon older mattress with a tweed cap and mustache, available for adoption.


If Murray seems a little crotchety for your tastes, why not consider Marc? A perfect medium-firm mattress - he is extremely comfortable and easy-going. A great all-rounder!


A smiley cartoon mattress with fluffy brown hair, available for adoption.


If none of these mattresses are the one for you - don’t fret! We have hundreds of mattresses of all firmnesses and personalities. We’d love to match you with the perfect one!

Contact us and find your perfect mattress today! Why not start by checking out our top ten mattresses of 2017