4 Things Everybody Dreams About

4 Things Everybody Dreams About

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Some people claim they don’t dream at all, at least nothing that they remember when morning comes around. For others, unwanted recurring dreams can turn sleeping into a bit of a nightmare!

We often dream about seemingly boring things like tasks completed throughout our day. This makes our dreams unique, if a little mundane! However, there are some common topics that seem to crop up during slumber for everyone at some point in time.

Check out these common dreams to see if they sound oh-so-familiar to you…


1. Sitting (and failing) exams


Even if you’ve not been a student for years, in times of stress you can suddenly find yourself resitting exams. The questions may be incomprehensible, you could be running short of time or you may feel like you’ve not packed in enough revision.


Man sitting an exam.


Whatever the scenario, your heart starts to race as the panic sets in. It can take a moment or two on waking to realise there was no test before the relief flows. So, what does it all mean?

Exam dreams are associated with perfectionists. They can be a symptom of work stress or signal that you are worrying about a project of some kind. They can also crop up when you’re having a confidence crisis about important aspects of your life.


2. Teeth falling out


Whether you’ve dreamt about losing them one by one, or wrapping your jaws around something that’s left you completely toothless in one fell swoop, night time teeth-loss imaginings are scarily common. These tend to be anxiety related dreams. Self-confidence issues or even concern about your outward appearance can bring them on. Having a winning smile is, after all, considered an attractive asset. Many experts also consider teeth dreams to be connected to control and assertiveness problems as they symbolise losing our ‘bite’.


3. Falling and flying


Can dreams about falling ever be a good sign? Well, if you’re happily falling through the air after taking some kind of jump, they could be. However, fall dreams usually involve scenarios such as dropping off a cliff or out of the sky. These can be pretty scary as a result.

If you’re experiencing these kinds of dreams you’re likely to be feeling unprepared about some upcoming changes. Alternatively, you might be feeling a little apprehensive about a change of direction in your life. Similarly, flying dreams can signal that you’re feeling out of control, or if you’re struggling to get where you want to in the dream, perhaps something is holding you back?


4. Being naked


A man's legs.


How many times have you forgotten to get dressed before going to work in real life? We’re guessing the answer is almost certainly, never. Still, being naked in a public setting and feeling uncomfortable is one of those dreams that most people have or will have at some point in their life.

These types of dreams can be a not-so-subtle way of our subconscious telling us that we feel vulnerable or embarrassed about something. They can also be a sign that you are struggling to come to terms with aspects of your own life and personality.

Do you recognise any of the above dreams, and do the possible catalysts for the surfacing of these topics ring true with you?