Sleepeezee Perfectly British Mayfair 3200 Pocket Pillow Top Mattress

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Pocket springs

A beautifully handcrafted pillow top mattress, featuring an impressive 3200 pocket springs, natural British wool, the finest cashmere and cotton. A truly blissful sleep awaits!

  • Includes a free 60-Night Sleep Trial: swap for any other Sleepeezee mattress if you don't love it!
  • The top of Sleepeezee's Perfectly British collection - a luxurious natural mattress range
  • Featuring premium natural fillings of 100% British wool, cashmere and cotton
  • Wool is a natural insulator and helps keep you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Cashmere is a fine, soft natural fibre and helps regulate body temperature
  • Cotton is breathable for a fresher sleep
  • Air vents ensure further breathability, for better airflow throughout the mattress
  • A luxurious pillow top enhances the sumptuous comfort
  • One of our highest pocket spring counts - a remarkable 3200 pocket springs
  • Pocket springs provide excellent support, where you need it most
  • Sumptuous medium feel for balanced firmness, gentle support and comfort
  • Chemical-free, woven damask cover for a beautiful finish
  • Expertly hand-tufted with woollen tufts to secure all the plush fillings
  • Single-sided, no need to turn
  • Simply rotate using the turning handles provided
  • A sumptuously deep mattress at 35cm
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • 10 Year Guarantee