Which Mattress Topper is Best?

The ‘best mattress topper’ could mean a number of things, and it changes from person to person:

  • Best value for money
  • Most luxurious
  • Best reviews
  • Whether it gives you the desired results

It's important to make sure you get the best mattress topper for you. We're here to help you decide.

Below we explain whether toppers are worth purchasing for your mattress, their benefits and the different types of mattress toppers available.

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A person placing a foam mattress topper on a mattress.
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Are mattress toppers necessary?

First of all, it’s worth keeping in mind that mattress toppers are not something that you need to purchase alongside a mattress in order to feel comfortable. Think of a topper as a means of providing an extra boost of comfort to your mattress.

Many people will purchase a mattress topper after they’ve had their mattress for a few years and it’s begun to feel a little worn. If you’ve just invested in a brand new mattress, you don’t necessarily have to start thinking about adding a topper to your mattress just yet, unless you are looking for that extra bit of comfort.

Are mattress toppers worth it?

If you are looking for extra comfort or a means to slightly alter the firmness of your mattress, a topper is the perfect solution and well worth it.

You can feel the difference instantly with a mattress topper and you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for years to come!

Don’t just take our word for it though, see what our customers have to say below about our best-selling mattress toppers:

Customer reviews for the Luna Gel Memory Topper:

Luna Gel Memory Topper in a modern bedroom
The Luna Gel Memory Topper is our best selling topper!

‘Great product - transformed a nice but too firm bed into an amazingly comfortable and temperature perfect bed.’ - Duncan

‘Fantastic night sleep and saved us buying a new mattress.’ - Alex

‘Takes the harshness out of my extra hard mattress. Supports my hips even though it is soft.’ - Bob

‘Very comfortable to lie on... We decided to try the topper as we were finding it difficult to decide on the right firmness of mattress (they are expensive, so you don’t want to spend the money for it to be wrong for you).’ - James

‘Turns a disappointing mattress into a comfortable one.’ - Robert

Customer reviews for the Silentnight Impress Memory Foam 2.5cm Mattress Topper:

‘Easy to put on bed and it stays where you put it. It just adds a bit of comfort to our new mattress.’ - Elizabeth

‘I bought a new posturpedic mattress which was too firm for me, this has made the mattress a perfect blend of comfort and firmness for me now. It also comes with a cover/protector which is also high quality and makes the bed look complete. Best mattress topper I have bought.’ - Elwyn

Investing in a mattress topper can make a huge difference if you have a mattress that is too soft or too firm. It can even change the temperature of your mattress!

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How to choose a mattress topper?

To choose the best mattress topper, you need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The size of the mattress topper
  • Key features or qualities
  • The type of mattress topper
  • Different brands

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing a topper, don’t worry. In the following sections, we will walk you through:

  • The different benefits of mattress toppers, so you can choose what to prioritise while you browse
  • The different types of toppers, to help you narrow down your search
  • The different brands we stock, so you can get an idea of which are suitable for your budget
A person placing a foam mattress topper on a mattress.
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7 benefits of mattress toppers

Before we start explaining the differences between types of mattress toppers, you should know the actual benefits of having a topper.

This way, you can find out which benefits to prioritise when searching for the best mattress topper for your needs.

Below, we go into detail about how mattress toppers can have a positive impact on your sleep and your mattress.

1. They can increase the lifespan of your mattress

Although mattress toppers don’t necessarily protect your mattress from accidents and spills like mattress protectors, they do take some of the strain off of your mattress each night as they take the majority of the wear and tear away from the surface of your mattress.

This will help your mattress stay in better condition for longer, as your mattress topper will take the majority of the wear and tear over the years.

If you do notice that after a few years, your topper is looking worse for wear, you can simply buy a new one rather than having to buy a brand new mattress.

2. They provide additional comfort

The main job of a mattress topper is to add extra comfort to your mattress, helping you fall asleep that little bit easier - who wouldn’t love that?

Think of them as a thin mattress that you place on top of your existing one. They even come in different types, just like mattresses. For example:

  • Memory foam toppers can help to relieve pressure from your joints
  • Gel foam toppers often have temperature-regulating qualities
  • Natural filling toppers are usually softer, deeper and more luxurious
  • Hollowfibre toppers provide a cushioning layer for cosy comfort

So, no matter what mattress you have or how you like to sleep, we have the mattress topper for you.

3. They keep your mattress cleaner and fresher

As mattress toppers sit on top of your mattress, they can protect it from hair and dust mites that would usually become embedded in your mattress over time.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your mattress so often. And most mattress toppers come with a removable, washable cover for easy cleaning.

Some mattress toppers are even hypoallergenic, which means that if you are sensitive to irritation, you can enjoy a sneeze-free sleep!

If you’re looking for something that only protects your mattress against spills, stains and accidents, a mattress protector may be more beneficial for you.

4. They can save you money

After a few years, your mattress may start to feel a little bit less comfortable than it used to. Rather than investing in a brand new mattress, you can buy a topper to make your mattress feel good as new for a fraction of the price!

5. They can change the feel of your mattress

When you first buy a mattress, it can take a little while to adjust to how it feels. This process can take up to a few weeks. By using a mattress topper, you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep from the very beginning!

Most mattress toppers are designed to provide either more support or cushioning comfort.

Memory foam and other foam toppers usually provide more firmness. Toppers with natural fillings such as wool provide cosier, sink-in comfort.

Before making a purchase, we recommend checking the product description of each topper as firmness can vary between manufacturers.

6. They can make your mattress feel warmer or cooler

 Some mattress toppers can change how warm or cool your mattress feels.

Gel foam mattress toppers can usually make your mattress feel slightly cooler. Thicker mattress toppers will make your mattress feel warmer.

Again, we recommend checking each product description, as these features can change between brands.

7. They are versatile

Unlike mattresses, you can buy and easily store more than one mattress topper. This allows you to swap toppers depending on the seasons, making your bed cooler or warmer as you like.

You may wish to preserve your topper and only use it when you want to treat yourself to a more luxurious night’s sleep.

Mattress toppers can be used to tailor your bedroom environment to your specific sleep preferences - it’s completely up to your how you use them.

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Types of mattress toppers

Just like with mattresses, there are different types of mattress toppers for you to choose from. Each type comes with a different set of benefits.

The four types of mattress toppers we’ll be talking about are:

  • Gel mattress toppers
  • Memory foam mattress toppers
  • Wool mattress toppers
  • Hollowfibre mattress toppers

Gel mattress toppers

The Luna Gel Memory Mattress Topper on a bed in a modern apartment
The Luna Gel Memory Topper is a great example of a gel topper

Gel mattress toppers are made with a layer of gel foam. This foam is designed to relieve pressure from your joints. These toppers are often cooler than other types of topper.

What are the benefits of a gel mattress topper?

Gel mattress toppers are great for:

  • Pressure relief
  • Temperature regulation
  • Providing a plush feel

Are gel mattress toppers good for your back?

They can help relieve pressure from your lower back, but you will feel the most benefit if the topper is placed on a firm or orthopaedic mattress.

Memory foam mattress toppers

Emma Flip Topper
The Emma Flip Topper is perfect if you love the feel of memory foam

Memory foam mattress toppers are often more dense and heavy than other types of toppers. They are made up of either one or multiple layers of memory foam and mould to your body shape for unique support and comfort.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers offer: 

  • Pressure relief
  • Personalised support and comfort
  • A supportive feel

Are memory foam mattress toppers good for your back?

Memory foam mattresses can help care for your back by providing pressure relief in the areas where you need it the most.

However, if your memory foam topper is not being supported by a suitable orthopaedic or firm mattress, you may not see any improvement in your comfort levels.

Are memory foam mattress toppers hot?

This varies between each product. In general, memory foam mattress toppers are now much better at not absorbing heat, but many customers find they do feel warmer than other types of toppers.

This is because memory foam uses your body heat to help mould itself around your shape to provide comfort and support.

If you’re looking for a cooler topper, why not check out our gel mattress toppers?

Wool mattress toppers

The Hypnos Wool Mattress Topper on a Hypnos mattress and bed
For a touch of luxury, check out the Hypnos Wool Mattress Topper!

Wool mattress toppers - or any other toppers with natural fillings - are usually deeper and thicker than foam toppers. They have a more luxurious feel and provide that ‘sink-in’ comfort that you may be looking for.

What are the benefits of a wool mattress topper?

Wool mattress toppers have:

  • Better breathability
  • A softer feel
  • Thicker layers of fillings

Are wool mattress toppers hot?

This often depends on the season. Wool is a naturally breathable material and this can help to regulate your body temperature.

It means that wool can keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Hollowfibre mattress toppers

Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper
Cosy comfort for a great night’s sleep with the Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper

Hollowfibre mattress toppers provide a plush and cosy addition to your mattress. They are often cheaper than other types of toppers and are a great budget-friendly option.

What are the benefits of a hollowfibre mattress topper?

Hollowfibre mattress toppers are:

  • Cosy and comfy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for any type of mattress

Now that you know all about the different types of toppers available for your mattress, why not take a look at your range?

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Mattress topper brands

Here’s a list of the different mattress topper brands we stock:

We stock only the best mattress toppers from these brands. So, no matter which brand you choose to buy from, you can rest assured that you’ll have an excellent new addition to your bedroom.

Silentnight mattress toppers

We stock a range of Silentnight mattress toppers to suit any budget. This includes both memory foam and hollowfibre mattress toppers.

These toppers range from around £34.99 - £109.95, depending on whether or not they are in a sale. (Disclaimer: these prices are subject to change.)

Hypnos mattress toppers

Hypnos mattress toppers are made using wool fillings for a more comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep. These are some of our most high-end mattress toppers.

Our Hypnos toppers start around £234.95, depending on what sales we have on. (Disclaimer: these prices are subject to change.)

Emma mattress toppers

Like their mattresses, Emma toppers are made entirely of memory foam for a supportive night’s sleep. They are tailored to a higher-end budget.

These mattress toppers are around £179.95. (Disclaimer: prices subject to change)

TEMPUR mattress toppers

Our TEMPUR mattress toppers are the highest priced here at Mattress Online. They are some of the most luxurious toppers you will find on the market and are made to the highest quality.

TEMPUR mattress toppers are around . (Disclaimer: these prices are subject to change.)

Luna mattress toppers

Luna toppers are made using gel and are one of the best mattress topper choices for a mid-range budget. They are high quality and provide just the right comfort and support.

Luna mattress toppers start at around . (Disclaimer: prices subject to change.)

Between all of these fantastic mattress topper brands, you’ll be sure to find the best mattress topper for your needs!

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The difference between a mattress topper and a mattress protector

The main difference between mattress toppers and protectors is that mattress toppers are designed for additional comfort, while protectors are designed to protect your mattress.

Below we’ve explained the main differences between the two:

Mattress toppersMattress protectors
Feel quite cushioned or foamyProtects against spills and accidents
Can make your current mattress feel brand newWill extend the lifespan of your mattress
Can make your mattress more comfortable/supportiveKeeps your mattress clean and fresh
Help to relieve pressureCan protect you from allergies
Will change the feel of your mattressHelps to protect the mattress warranty
You can swap them according to the seasons-
Person holding the elastic corner strap of a mattress topper.
Mattress protectors and toppers give your mattress extra comfort and protection

Can’t decide which is best for you? You can actually use both on your mattress at the same time!

If you do choose to use both, your topper should go underneath the protector.

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The difference between a mattress topper and a pillow top mattress

Mattress toppers and pillow top mattresses are actually two very different products with a similar name.

Pillow top mattresses are mattresses that have a specialised layer built onto the top of the mattress for more luxurious support.

Mattress toppers are a product that you buy separately from your mattress. They are a layer that sits on top of your mattress to provide more comfort and support.

The Hypnos Fairford Pillow Top Supreme Mattress on a brown bed in an antique bedroom
As you can see above, the Hypnos Fairford has an extra cushioned layer built into the top of the mattress
A woman sleeping on her side on a Silentnight Impress Memory Foam 2.5 Mattress Topper

Whereas the Silentnight Impress Memory Foam Mattress Topper has just been placed over the mattress

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Now you know which mattress topper is best for you, why not head over to our mattress topper range? With Free Next Day Delivery on all of our toppers, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep as soon as tomorrow!

Still have questions about toppers? The following guides offer more information about mattress toppers: