Our Charity Partnership with Zarach

Zarach is a Leeds-based charity that provides beds, bedding and other basics to disadvantaged children and families as part of the organisation's mission to end bed poverty.

At Mattress Online, we are delighted to support this truly worthwhile charity. Together, we hope for a world where every child has access to a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

Zarach charity logo, 'east, sleep, learn'.

Who is Zarach?

Zarach was set up in 2018 to provide beds and other necessities for children in poverty. The charity was founded by Bex Wilson, a deputy headteacher of an inner-city primary school. Through her job, Bex witnessed the reality of children living in poverty and knew she needed to do something to help.

Bex remembers the defining moment that made her realise she could no longer ignore such a problematic issue.

While teaching an 11-year-old boy, I noticed he was scratching his tummy. He told me he and his younger brother had a cushion to sleep on. A cushion that had bed bugs which made his tummy itch.

I realised I had a choice - to be satisfied that I’m teaching him grammar because it’s what I’m paid to do or to continue to be the best teacher I can be while also using my time and influence to make sure every child has their basic needs met.”

Bex Wilson

As of 2023, Zarach has supported thousands of families across Leeds and other parts of the UK by:

  • Delivering over 4,150 Bed Bundles
  • Obtaining 400 School Partners in their referral network
  • Securing over 35 referrals a week

Zarach aims to create comforting home environments in which children can enjoy the joys of childhood without worrying about where to sleep. Achieving a supportive and restful sleep is instrumental in a child's mental and physical development. Access to a safe bed is the perfect starting point to help children feel at ease and ready to learn.

Each year, Zarach runs a Christmas appeal to provide children with new beds. The Christmas Bed Bundle includes a duvet, pillow, bedsheets, covers, pyjamas, a hygiene kit and a reading book, plus festive chocolate treats. This generous bundle is finished off with a £30 voucher that can go towards food shopping.

Zarach now has hubs in Liverpool, Huddersfield, Stockport, Calderdale, Dewsbury, Romford and Leeds, working with more than 500 schools to support children and families in poverty.

Together, we'll end bed poverty

At Mattress Online, we believe that sleep is a right, not a privilege. We work closely with Zarach to provide support for families in poverty.

We have been proud to join Zarach in a 3-year partnership as one of its Corporate Dream Makers, providing funds for its ‘Every Bed a Head’ project.

Each department at Mattress Online understands the importance of ending child bed poverty and is ready to help in any way it can.

Our operations team donated its time to help deliver Winter Warmer care parcels, mattresses and bundles for families in need.

Mattress Online staff preparing Christmas hamper donations ready to be delivered for Zarach.
The Mattress Online team delivering mattresses, beds and backpacks to Zarach families

And in June 2022, members of our team cycled the Coast to Coast Challenge in aid of Zarach. Steve Adams (CEO), Michael Jervis (Head of Digital) and Kirsty Mullen (Development Team Lead) started in Cumbria on Tuesday 21st and finished in Tynemouth on Wednesday 22nd.

Three Mattress Online team members holding a banner for Zarach after completing the coast-to-coast.
Michael Jervis, Kirsty Mullen and Steve Adams completing the Coast to Coast Challenge for Zarach

Sleep affects all areas of our lives, including mental and physical development, learning and wellbeing. It's essential that children get the sleep they need as they grow.

Every child should have a place to sleep - no child should endure bed poverty. That's why Mattress Online works with Zarach to provide beds, mattresses and bedding to children and families in need.

We're proud to support the essential work Zarach does to give 'Every Head a Bed' - and break the cycle of poverty for good.

Steve Adams

We're Dream Makers!

Here's what Zarach founder - Bex Wilson - has to say about our support:

We are delighted that Mattress Online has chosen to support Zarach over the next 3 years as our latest Corporate Dream Maker.

'Every Head a Bed' is our commitment to help ensure all children have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep with good consistent access to healthy and nutritious food in order for them to Eat, Sleep, Learn.

We believe that well-rested and well-fed children will be increasingly ready to learn. Through the power of education, they will be able to break the cycle of poverty and improve the breadth of opportunities available to their future selves. Mattress Online's support will enable us to reach more families and continue with the essential work we are doing.

Bex Wilson

At Mattress Online, we hope for a world where every child can grow, learn and thrive. We're proud to support the vital work that Zarach does to end poverty for disadvantaged children and their families.

If you'd like to learn more about Zarach, or donate to support their work, please visit the Zarach website.