A Guide to Mattress Surfaces

When you're looking for a new mattress, it can often feel like you're spoilt for choice. The range of surface options available and their respective benefits can make your decision a tough one.

The four most common mattress surfaces are:

  1. Tufted
  2. Quilted
  3. Pillow Top
  4. Box Top

Learning the ins and outs of all these mattress surfaces is crucial to making sure you're always getting a great night's sleep. Not only does the surface of a mattress contain and protect the filling, but it can also give you complete comfort.

To make the right decision, our guide is here to help. Read on to find out everything you need to know about mattress surfaces.

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White quilted mattress surface
Our simple guide makes it easy to choose the right mattress surface for you

Tufted mattresses

Tufted mattresses are made using a traditional method which pulls the upholstery layers together. This helps the mattress hold its shape. You'll likely recognise them as the classic, traditional mattress with buttons and symmetrical waves across the surface.

Tufting helps to lock in the luxury filling in mattresses, helping to retain their fullness and plumpness over time. This method also enhances the firmness of the mattress, which is perfect if you need more support while you sleep.

The tufting process ensures these mattresses are uniform and gives the signature 'tufted' feel. The approach has been in use since the first pocket sprung mattresses were manufactured. It helps align each upholstery layer and makes sure there's a regular texture.

To give you an even better idea of what this surface looks like, see one of our best tufted mattresses below.

The Millbrook Wool Luxury 1000 Pocket Mattress is a great choice if you want a traditional, natural and comfortable mattress. The tufts help hold together layers of fine Hampshire fleece wool, offering supremely luxurious comfort.

The video below also provides some more information on the hand-tufting of the Millbrook Wool Luxury 1000.

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Quilted mattresses

A quilted mattress offers sleepers a very smooth finish and a high level of comfort. However, this flat surface doesn't mean that the mattress isn't 'sprung.'

You can always spot a quilted surface - the cover is actually stitched onto the filling inside the mattress. It will also usually have a pattern of some kind across the surface.

To give you a better idea of what this surface looks like, we've put together some of our best quilted mattresses below for you to browse.

With its smooth surface and unique Luna Fusion Cool Memory layer, it's no surprise the Luna Memory 1000 Pocket Hybrid Mattress is one of our best-selling quilted mattresses. It's the ideal choice if you want to wake up feeling refreshed after a comfortable night's sleep.

Luna Memory 1000 Pocket Mattress
The quilted Luna Memory 1000 Pocket Mattress offers cooling comfort and great support

Another one of our best quilted mattresses is the Sealy Claremont Memory Advantage Mattress. Its surface has a soft, smooth finish which feels exceptionally smooth to sleep on.

Sealy Claremont Memory Advantage Mattress
The quilted Sealy Claremont Memory Advantage Mattress has a smooth surface and a luxurious, plush finish

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Pillow top mattresses

The main defining feature of a pillow top mattress is the additional layer of sumptuous padding sewn into the top. This provides that little bit of extra comfort we all crave when it's time for bed.

Pillow top mattresses don't just feel luxurious. They have a premium look, too, and are a stunning addition to any bedroom.

The padding that makes up a pillow top mattress varies. Several different materials are commonly used in their manufacture including latex, memory foam and natural fibres like cotton.

For more information, why not take a look at our best pillow top mattresses we've gathered below?

The Sealy Alston Gel Pillowtop Advantage Mattress has a sumptuous pillow top for you to sink into at night.

Sealy Alston Gel Pillowtop Advantage Mattress
The luxurious pillow top Sealy Alston Gel Pillowtop Advantage Mattress feels super cosy to sleep on

Alternatively, why not take a look at the Harrison Spinks Cotterdale? Combining a plush pillow top and luxurious, natural blend of cashmere, silk and mohair - it's the ideal choice if you want real comfort.

The following video also provides more information on the Cotterdale's fantastic pillow top.

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Box top mattresses

For the ultimate in cushioning and luxury, there is the box top mattress. These have thick cushioning sewn in (or 'boxed in') on top of the mattress.

Box top mattresses are quite similar to the pillow top products we mentioned previously. They also feature an extra layer of cushioning attached to the main body of the mattress for additional comfort.

However, the main difference is the design of the extra layer. Box top mattresses have a more 'squared-off' appearance than the pillow top.

This type of mattress surface is excellent at offering extra comfort. It also provides support from the mattress itself beneath. The cushioning usually consists of memory foam, latex foam or traditional fillings of goose down or wool.

For a closer look, see one of our best box top mattresses below to find out more.

The Silentnight Deluxe Box Top Mirapocket 2000 Limited Edition Mattress from Silentnight offers a cushioned box top for an extra layer of cosy comfort. With a large surface area to stretch out on, a knitted cover and hypoallergenic benefits, you're sure to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with this premium mattress.

Why not check out the video below to see how the Silentnight Deluxe box top surface can improve your sleep?

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Once you have decided on the perfect mattress surface, why not learn what's inside a mattress too? We have other guides on finding the best mattress firmness and size for you as well, so you can easily get a great night's sleep.

If you need more information on mattress surfaces, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team!