Bed Base Guidelines

There are four different types of bed bases:

  • Sprung slatted base
  • Solid slatted base 
  • Sprung platform base
  • Solid platform top base

Each mattress manufacturer has its own guidelines and recommendations for the type of surface you rest your mattress on. Not following these recommendations can invalidate your mattress guarantee or warranty, should you need to activate it:

  • Manufacturers are often quite specific when it comes to sprung and solid slatted bases.
  • Most manufacturers advise that you use a solid platform base.

Sprung and solid slatted bed bases

Most mattress manufacturers have specific recommendations when it comes to the maximum slat width and maximum slat gap width.

We have the following information from mattress manufacturers for maximum slat gap width:

Mattress brandMaximum slat gap width
Harrison Spinks7.5cm
Elle Decoration9cm

Not following these guidelines could invalidate your mattress guarantee or warranty.

It can also damage your mattress and affect its overall look and feel.

Bed slat FAQs

Below we've answered some common questions our customers have about slatted beds.

What is the weight limit for a slat bed?

This varies between bed frame manufacturers. We advise checking this information with the manufacturer. Using a mattress that is too heavy for your bed frame can invalidate your bed warranty or guarantee.

Can I fix a broken bed slat?

Fixing a broken bed slat yourself can invalidate your bed warranty or guarantee. The slat would also be more liable to break again, which isn’t safe.

Can I replace bed slats?

If you contact the bed manufacturer for a replacement slat, you may still be covered by your guarantee or warranty, but you will have to verify this with them. 

If you fix it yourself your guarantee or warranty will be invalidated.

Can you sleep on a bed with a broken slat?

Sleeping on a bed with a broken slat can damage your mattress and could potentially invalidate your mattress guarantee or warranty.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team and they will be happy to help you!