Christmas Eve Sleep Routine for Children Infographic

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27 Nov 20174 min read

It can be hard getting your child's head down at the best of times - add in the prospect of presents and pudding and it can be almost impossible. Ask any parent and they'll tell you that the essential ingredient for a Merry Christmas is sleep!

Follow our step-by-step guide and make sure the little ones stay happy and rested come Christmas morning. There should be no grumpy faces around the dinner table with these festive tips!

Feel free to tailor this wind-down routine for your own little munchkins! There are so many ways to celebrate the season and lull them to sleep at the same time. Why not have a crafty evening making paper chains or a glittery pinecone centrepiece for the dinner table? Or break out the icing and make some festive Christmas cookies?

Visit our blog to learn more about your child's sleep habits and building a proper bedtime routine.

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Did you know that the UK throws away 275,613 tonnes of Christmas waste? Read our blog post on the topic for more information!