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Best Songs About Sleep & Dreams

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19 May 20173 min read

No matter who you are, it is likely that you will spend a large portion of your life asleep. Even if you are a poor sleeper, you are likely to spend at least a quarter of your life asleep. Because sleep is such a large part of our life, lots of people have chosen to write songs about it. Here are some of our favourite songs about sleep and dreams; don’t forget to share your own favourites with us!

Your New Twin Sized Bed – Death Cab for Cutie

First up on our playlist for sleep is about the importance of who you sleep with. Sleeping alone is something that many people would rather not do, and this song is about someone who has been forced into that position. A song for jilted lovers indeed.

Fear of Sleep – The Strokes

Lots of people are genuinely afraid of going to sleep at night for many different reasons. This song explores this fear in a light-hearted way - from the perspective that sleep wastes time when you could be doing something more fun. This is something that many young people would probably agree with, whilst the more mature will think absurd!

Let’s Go to Bed – The Cure

Robert Smith’s foray into 1980s commercial pop combined a disco beat with a mickey-take on present day pop lyrics, where seemingly every song was obsessed with seducing another. Still played live by the band decades later, Let’s Go to Bed remains a classic pop record, twisting commercial themes by focusing on the seducer’s nerves rather than the usual euphoria.

Asleep – The Smiths

This song isn’t just about sleep, but it more than deserves a mention on our songs about sleep and dreams’ list. Asleep details the comparison of the state of sleep to entering the afterlife. Singer Morrissey offers an alternative take on the afterlife, as opposed to the usual thought that people dread death and what might happen after it. Ultimately, Asleep is about the need for escape, with sleep being the ultimate state where a rest from the world can be sought, and anyone who has ever been tired can relate to that!

Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston

If you’ve ever been a student, then this is the kind of routine that you will almost certainly be familiar with. So much more seems to happen at night with regards to the nightclub scene, and this song talks about the ritual of staying up all night and then catching up with sleep in the day. Something that many of us are familiar with – but most of us outgrow eventually. Such a shame that work, families and health get in the way of unadulterated hedonism!

I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles

How often have you chosen to spend a longer than average time in bed, only to be called lazy by somebody in your household? John Lennon talks about this, and discusses sleep almost fondly – meaning that it doesn’t matter that he’s spending time asleep, as it is something that he likes to do. With sleep holding so many benefits to our health, it is almost certain that we could all do with having a bit extra every now and again!

A playlist for sleep

With sleep being such a huge part of our lives, it is understandable why so many people have chosen to write songs about it. Sleep remains an enigma in so many ways, and as long as this continues to be the case, songs will continue to be written and enjoyed.

Why not put your own playlist for sleep together? You could try collecting songs that help you drift off, and another playlist to help you wake up with a spring in your step!