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Mattress Sales Surge by 131% in Lockdown

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14 Jul 20205 min read

66% of the UK workforce are not keyworkers, according to a report by the Office for National Statistics. That means more than 3 in 5 British workers are spending a lot more time at home.

For many, that also means more time in the bedroom, whether working or trying to catch up on sleep. But this doesn’t seem to have had a positive effect.

UK searches for ‘can’t sleep’ have spiked by 115% in just three weeks after lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March. These searches continued for the following months and have only recently started to slow down as we adjust to our new lifestyle, as you can see below.

Brits Searching for 'Can't Sleep'

It’s no surprise, then, that the UK decided to improve their sleep during this time – with a new mattress. Discover our complete findings below and learn why Brits are choosing a better night’s sleep, now more than ever before.

Mattress sales surge by 131% in lockdown

We compared our revenue from 2019 to 2020, looking specifically at sales between March 23rd and July 7th. In lockdown, Brits spent much more on mattresses and bedding, with our revenue increasing by a huge 131%.

Number of Brits looking for a new mattress increases by 135%

Our analysis also shows that the number of UK customers searching for a new mattress or bed product increased by 135%, when compared to last year.

Which UK city had the worst mattress? Cardiff sales spike by 335% in lockdown

We investigated the top 15 cities which spent the most on mattresses and bedding during lockdown. Our study shows that Cardiff had the biggest boost in sales, increasing by a massive 335% when compared to last year. Newcastle upon Tyne followed, spending 174% more on their sleep set up.

Here’s our full breakdown – see if your city is among those who noticed how bad their mattress was in lockdown.

  1. Cardiff +335%
  2. Newcastle upon Tyne +174%
  3. Nottingham +168%
  4. Sheffield +152%
  5. Northampton +148%
  6. Glasgow +145%
  7. Liverpool +144%
  8. Manchester +124%
  9. Birmingham +122%
  10. Bristol +115%
  11. Coventry +114%
  12. London +104%
  13. Leeds +100%
  14. Edinburgh +77%
  15. Southampton +62%
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Online mattress sales continue to rise as the high street reopens

Despite physical stores now reopening, online mattress sales have not been affected. In fact, they’re on the rise.

Steve Adams, CEO at Mattress Online, says that this is because ‘consumers are now demonstrating greater confidence in purchasing higher-value, higher-quality products online.

Consumers may also now see greater value overall in online purchases (where previously they would have shopped exclusively in-store) and this has developed into a sustained change in behaviour.’

Man and child on bed

Why are Brits turning to a new mattress in lockdown?

Now that we’re spending more time at home, it’s especially important to have the perfect sleep set up.

We asked the UK to share their stories to see why we’re turning to a new mattress in lockdown – here’s what we found.

Brits are spending more time in bed – and realise how uncomfortable their mattress is

Brits who are newly working from home have set up an office in the bedroom, working from their mattress! Others are spending their extra free time in bed. As a result, many have realised how uncomfortable their mattress really is.

Sarah T said, ‘Working from home has aggravated my neck and back pain, because my computer set up isn't good for my posture. This affects my sleep because I struggle to get comfortable on my old mattress.’

Aleem I said, ‘I find I am spending more time in bed than usual with this current situation and have noticed my lower back pain is getting worse.’

Posture is affected without a proper WFH set up, so we’re struggling to sleep at night

Those who aren’t working from bed are still affected. Many Brits admitted their posture is affected by WFH, so can’t get comfortable at night.

Clare G said, ‘My sleep has definitely been affected from working at home. I spend a lot more time sat in front of a computer screen and have noticed more aches and pains in my back and shoulders. When I get into bed, I find it hard to get comfy.’

Emily E said, ‘I've been getting a lots of aches and pains from sitting at my desk which stops me sleeping well.’

Jolene T said, ‘Due to not working at a proper desk with chair, I’ve got terrible back and neck pain which is impacting my sleep.’

Working in bed is a ‘big no-no’, says The Sleep Charity

We asked Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO at the The Sleep Charity for her thoughts on Britain turning to a new mattress in lockdown. She says, ‘A bed is often an overlooked purchase. People often wait until they’re completely uncomfortable before they buy new. Yet it plays a pivotal role in getting a good night’s sleep.

In lockdown, a lot of people have transformed their bedrooms into makeshift offices. People may have been working from the comfort of their bed (a big no-no!) and realised how uncomfortable it is.

Or with reports that some people have been struggling with sleep, they may have had the time to look at the things that could be stopping them from getting a good night’s sleep which includes their old, unsupportive bed.’

Mum and children on bed

No matter how you’re spending lockdown, a good night’s sleep is extremely important – perhaps now more than ever. Here are seven top tips for getting a great sleep while WFH, including advice from our team and The Sleep Charity.

Seven tips to improve your sleep while WFH

  1. Keep a routine – set an alarm, eat breakfast and get dressed first thing
  2. Make your bed! Research says it helps you sleep better
  3. Remove your home office from the bedroom completely
  4. Avoid checking emails before bed – stick to your usual working hours
  5. Keep a water bottle on your desk, as you lose body fluids during sleep
  6. Don’t drink coffee after lunch, as the caffeine can stop you sleeping
  7. Try a mattress topper as a cheaper alternative, if you’re not ready for a new mattress

For more information, read our advice on when to change your mattress.

You can also find the latest sleep news, research and tips in the Mattress Online blog.