Mood Killers Uncovered: 10 Top Tips For A Saucier Sex Life

Mood Killers Uncovered: 10 Top Tips For A Saucier Sex Life

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Mattress Online surveyed the UK public and discovered that a huge 80% don't think Valentine's Day is the best time of year for sex.

But if you want to spice things up, you don't need oysters or an expensive date night. We've uncovered the real ways to make your February 14th one to remember. Read on to find our top tips to improve your sex life.

10 tips for better sex

  1. Put it on the calendar - 3 in 5 admit scheduled sex works
  2. Avoid reality TV, as 1 in 5 reveal it kills their sex life
  3. Watch a funny film instead - 90% agree comedies won't kill the mood
  4. Sleep well the night before - 40% don't want sex when they're too tired
  5. Stay off your phone, as 10% prefer social media likes to sex
  6. Initiate right before bed - 40% agree it's the best time
  7. Forget aphrodisiacs - less than 1 in 20 think they work
  8. Do chores - 40% refuse sex if their partner hasn't done their share
  9. Don't order in - 1/6 won't have sex after a big takeaway
  10. Instead, cook your partner dinner - 40% say it's the best way to get them in the mood

1. Put it on the calendar

Our data uncovered that 3 in 5 would schedule intimacy, proving you don’t need spontaneity for a good sex life. Relationship and Body Language Expert Katia Loisel from Love Destination says:

It may not sound romantic, but when your life is full of distractions and a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm, making time for sex can be the last thing on your mind. Scheduling intimacy forces you to focus on the two of you and to prioritise your relationship.

2. Avoid reality TV

Our survey exposed reality TV and crime as the biggest passion killers. 1 in 5 (22%) say these are the unsexiest genres, which is bad news for Love Island fans.

3. Watch a comedy instead

Our data shows that laughter is the best way to the bedroom. 90% agree comedy shows are least likely to kill the mood, which is good news for fans of Friends and Impractical Jokers.

4. Sleep well the night before

Being tired is the most common for avoiding intimacy, according to 40%. With a third of Brits in sleep debt, it’s no surprise we’re too worn-out for romance.

5. Stay off social media

Harvard University says our brains react the same way to sex as they do to successful social interactions. But are we more satisfied by Facebook likes than sex? According to our study, 10% put our phones and social media in front of sex.

6. Initiate right before bed

Our research shows that 40% agree it’s best to have sex between 6pm and 10pm. With most of us going to bed between 10pm and 11pm, it’s a good idea to schedule intimacy just before you go to sleep.

7. Forget aphrodisiacs

You can give oysters a miss too, as less than 1 in 20 don't bother with aphrodisiacs for a good sex life. Data suggests that natural aphrodisiacs are largely ineffective anyway.

8. Do your chores

Don’t shirk your domestic duties if you want to boost your sex life. 40% would turn down sex if their partner hadn’t done their share of household jobs.

9. Don't order a takeaway

Our study uncovered 1 in 6 agree that feeling too full and bloated would put a stop to sex.

Pizza and curry also prove to be serious culprits as the same amount (1 in 6) said they wouldn’t have sex until the next day if they’d eaten a big takeaway.

10. Cook your partner dinner

40% claim the top domestic job to put them in the mood is cooking, if their partner does it for them.

If you’re pursuing a night of passion, cook your other half a light meal, making sure they don’t feel too full! Avoid cooking with beans, onions and broccoli, as the NHS says they’re the most common bloating foods.

If you’ve already tried the advice above but your sex isn’t getting better, why not consider a sleep divorce? Your partner could be disturbing your sleep and making you too tired for sex.

See how sleeping separately could improve your love life or read more about relationships and sleeping better together in the Mattress Online blog.