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Party Political Leaders in the Bedroom

01 Jun 20173 min read

Opinions are pushed to the fore at General Election time; from pollsters and party leaders debating on television, to impassioned discussions in pubs and leaflets stuck to front room windows. Yet we felt there was one important aspect of public opinion that remained untouched by the pollsters – which of the main party leaders would be best to have around in the bedroom?

  • Nicola Sturgeon’s passion runs away with the Best Kiss category
  • Tim Farron most likely to take a teddy bear to bed
  • Jeremy Corbyn wins Best Cuddle category, but also Most Likely to Snore
  • Theresa May best teller of a bedtime story

Our survey, of 1500 tax-paying British adults, has uncovered the truth about how we really perceive our politicians.


The benefits of a cuddle in bed are well-documented, from the warmth the said act delivers to the endorphins released from skin-on-skin action. When asked which party leader would give the best bedtime cuddle, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn nabbed nearly a third of the vote. Perhaps it’s the idea of nestling gently into that beard that appealed to so many of you?

Teddy bear

You may be surprised by the number of adults who take a teddy bear to bed. Less surprising is the party leader voted most likely to do just that – step forward, Tim Farron! Whatever the reason, almost half of you voted for the youthful-looking Lib Dem leader. At the other end of the scale, present Prime Minister Theresa May received but 6% of the vote. Perhaps Mrs May is simply too strong and stable to require the attentions of a teddy bear.


Pucker up and take the stage, Nicola Sturgeon! When asked which party leader would give the greatest goodnight kiss, the SNP’s passionate leader came out on top with a lip-smacking 40% of your popular vote. May and Corbyn were neck-and-neck in this particular poll – not literally, mind you – with Farron bringing up the rear, although (according to our poll) he does have a teddy bear to look after.


One thing many of us put up with, but few enjoy, is a snorer in the bedroom. Although a champion in the cuddling stakes, Jeremy Corbyn also tops the popular vote for most-likely snorer.

Pyjama free?

The right honourable gentlemen came out on top when it comes to who you think would sleep ‘au naturel’, with Jeremy pipping Tim by a single vote. A mere 12% considered Theresa May a nude-sleeper. We don’t know what this says about how we perceive our politicians from different ends of the political spectrum, but we’re sure it says something.

Bedtime story

The current Prime Minister only managed to win one of these all-important polls, but it may be an important one. Edging Corbyn out by 1%, you voted May the teller of the best bedtime story. Is this down to a strong, stable delivery, or a voice that sends you to sleep?

Like the General Election itself, once the shouting is over, the result is all that matters.