Could Running Help You Sleep? Infographic

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Many people in the UK resolve to get fit in the New Year. In fact, one gym reported that their attendance jumped 40% between December and January! There are obvious benefits to exercising more - better fitness, improved self-esteem and higher energy levels. What is often overlooked however is how exercise - particularly running - can lead to a better night's sleep, less night-waking and improved control over your sleep-waking cycle.

Read our handy infographic to find out exactly how running could help you to sleep better!


An infographic detailing the ways in which running can positively affect sleep and how to go about integrating it into your routine.


We hope you found this information helpful and perhaps it has even inspired you to get your running shoes on! If you would like more information on this topic, we also have pages on how best to fall asleep and some yoga postures to stretch out your tired legs after a run!

Have a happy - and healthy - New Year!


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