Mattress Online’s Sleep Expert - The Sleep Geek

James Wilson, the Sleep Geek, is Mattress Online’s official sleep expert. Working with Mattress Online, James’ mission is to help everyone achieve a better night’s sleep by providing sound sleep and wellbeing advice.

A headshot of James Wilson, the Sleep Geek on a grey background.
James Wilson, The Sleep Geek

“I hail from a long line of sleep specialists, coming from the third generation of my family to have worked in the bed and mattress industry. But you might be surprised to hear that I’m actually a poor sleeper! This fact has motivated me to get to the bottom of why people sleep poorly and what they can do about it.”

James Wilson, the Sleep Geek

James has helped thousands of poor sleepers benefit from a good night’s sleep, starting with himself. But he doesn’t claim to have found any magic cure or secret technique. In fact, he suggests anyone who promises that you’ll never have another sleepless night in your life is not entirely on the level.

James Wilson in conversation with the Mattress Online team.

“I believe having a better understanding of our own sleep and access to simple and effective resources is the best way to improve sleep. Part of my work with Mattress Online is to provide staff with the tools and knowledge to help their customers make the right decisions when it comes to buying beds, mattresses and bedding.”

James Wilson, the Sleep Geek

James is a familiar face on television. You may recognise him from shows including:

  • The One Show
  • This Morning
  • BBC Breakfast
  • Steph’s Packed Lunch
  • Channel 4 News
  • Sky Sports
  • Football Focus
James Wilson, the Sleep Geek, on This Morning.

And here are just some of the major brands that James has worked with in the past: 

  • E-on
  • Harrison Spinks
  • Pret a Manger
  • Citroën
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Ernst &Young
  • Red Bull
  • Phillips Hue
  • West Ham United

Steve Adams, Chief Executive Officer at Mattress Online, said:

“At Mattress Online, we strive to recommend the right products based on what’s best for the customer’s individual circumstances. James’ experience and knowledge as a sleep expert helps us to demystify the process of buying a mattress so our customers know exactly what they are getting.” 

Steve Adams, CEO at Mattress Online
James Wilson, the Sleep Geek, and CEO Steve Adams.
James Wilson and Steve Adams