Sleepeezee 60-Night Sleep Trial

Sleepeezee 60-Night Sleep Trial - sleep on it and judge for yourself

When you purchase your new Sleepeezee mattress, you'll get a free, 60-Night Sleep Trial as standard.

So if you don't love it - no problem! You can swap it for any other Sleepeezee mattress in our range.

Here's how it works:

  1. When you get your Sleepeezee mattress, sleep on it for at least 30 nights (a brand-new mattress can take a little bit of getting used to!)
  2. Make sure you use a mattress protector throughout your trial period - if you don't, we can't accept it back
  3. If you don't love it, let us know in plenty of time - before the 60-Night Sleep Trial ends
  4. You can exchange your Sleepeezee for any other Sleepeezee mattress - of any size or type
  5. We can only exchange your mattress, we can't offer a refund
  6. We'll collect your mattress and deliver your new mattress at the same time, on a day that suits you
  7. Before your collection day, we'll send you a fresh mattress bag - please re-package it, ready for collection
  8. On your collection day, ensure your old mattress is ready and in a clean and presentable condition

Terms and conditions:

  • The 60-Night Sleep Trial applies only to our Sleepeezee mattress range, with the exception of the following mattresses:
    • Sleepeezee Backcare Deluxe 1000 Pocket Mattress
    • Sleepeezee Classic Ortho 800 Pocket Mattress
    • Sleepeezee Classic Ortho Mattress
  • The 60-Night Sleep Trial is limited to one exchange per mattress ordered
  • Only the original purchaser can invoke the 60-Night Sleep Trial - and you'll need proof of purchase
  • The 60-Night Sleep Trial only applies to mattresses that remain in the UK
  • You can choose any other Sleepeezee mattress in our range as a replacement - of any size or type
  • If the replacement mattress is more expensive, we'll ask you to pay the difference at the time you re-select. We can't refund any difference in price if you choose a lower-priced mattress
  • All original packaging can be removed from the mattress, but it needs to be returned in a clean and presentable condition
  • The 60-Night Sleep Trial doesn't apply if you've:
    • not used a mattress protector throughout the trial period
    • misused or damaged your mattress (including accidental damage)
    • repaired or altered your mattress in any way
    • neglected to keep it clean, or it shows wear and tear
  • It's up to you to get in touch with us and arrange your mattress exchange
  • Collection of your old mattress and delivery of your new replacement can take up to 28 days from the date of your re-selection
  • If a certain model, size or fabric is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute with an alternative at our discretion
  • The 60-Night Sleep Trial only applies to Sleepeezee mattresses. It excludes divan bases, headboards or bedding products

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. To browse all our Sleep Trial mattresses, take a look at our full range.