A Guide to Replacement Sofa Bed Mattresses

Are you looking for a replacement sofa bed mattress? Perhaps you've never had to buy one before and are wondering which kind to choose.

Many people assume that sofa beds share the lifespan of their mattress, which simply isn't the case. With a suitable replacement, you can enjoy your sofa bed for much longer.

We've put together this comprehensive guide to help you find a suitable sofa mattress that combines comfort and functionality. Read on to learn more about what kind of mattresses are available for sofa beds, as well as the choice of fillings to suit your sleep requirements.

Novo Aldwalk Sofa Bed
Sofa bed mattresses don't last as long as your sofa, but you can easily find a comfy replacement

What are sofa bed mattresses?

Sofa bed mattresses are tailored to fit sofa beds and can fold away when not in use. They're essentially a much thinner version of a traditional mattress (usually half as thick, in fact).

The usual thickness of a sofa bed mattress is less than a standard mattress. That's because it needs to be less dense in order to easily fold away when the bed is closed and used as a sofa. As for size, sofa bed mattresses can differ depending on the length and width of your sofa bed.

Sofa beds are ideal for guest use, as they're still comfy to sleep on and won't take up much room in your home. But their mattresses do need replacing over time to ensure your visitors get a great night's sleep.

If you’d like to learn more about sofa beds, check out our simple sofa bed buying guide!

Sofa bed mattress on light grey sofa bed
Simply fold away the mattress when you want your sofa back again

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Which sofa bed mattress should I get?

The sofa bed mattress you should get will depend on three key factors:

  1. Thickness
  2. Size
  3. Use

Read on to find out how to find the right mattress for your sofa bed.


If you choose a mattress that's too thick, it will become damaged as it won't be compatible with the sofa. It could also cause problems for the spring mechanism on the sofa bed itself.

If you're looking for a replacement sofa bed mattress, simply roll out your current one and measure its depth - this is the measurement you need when shopping around.


To ensure you choose the correct-sized mattress, you need to measure the length and width of your sofa bed. Don't measure the existing mattress, as it will have been knocked out of shape over the years.


Consider how much use your sofa bed will get. If it's only occasional, then there's no point splashing out on an expensive replacement sofa bed mattress. Of course, the reverse is true too.

For example, you might regularly switch from sofa to bed to watch TV at night. Or you could have someone visiting for an extended period. In other words, the type of mattress you buy should be dictated by use and comfort levels.

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Types of sofa bed mattress available

When it comes to choosing a replacement sofa bed mattress, there are four main types to choose from:

  1. Memory foam
  2. Latex
  3. Standard sprung
  4. Pocket sprung

Read on to find out the benefits of each and discover which one is right for you.

Memory foam sofa bed mattress

Memory foam mattresses provide you with a cushioned surface which ensures a very comfortable sleep. Plus, the way the mattress moulds to your body helps to relieve your pressure points. The fact it's the most popular sofa bed mattress around shows the manufacturers are doing something right!

Latex sofa bed mattress

Latex mattresses are a great choice if you want something very eco-friendly. These mattresses are manufactured using the sap of rubber trees, amongst other sustainable materials. Plus, greener versions are created using soybean oil, a renewable resource that's kinder to the environment.

If you choose to go for a synthetic latex, make sure to minimise natural light exposure as it can become discoloured over time.

Standard sprung sofa bed mattress

A very reasonably priced option, the standard sprung sofa bed mattress is perfect for infrequent usage, like if you have a guest staying one or two nights. If you're thinking of using your sofa bed more often, look at other options.

Pocket sprung sofa bed mattress

The pocket sprung sofa bed mattress is very responsive, which means that you're certain of a comfortable night's sleep. The individual pocket springs mean there's very little 'roll together' when there's two of you in the bed, so it's ideal for couples who need some extra sleeping space.

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Replacement sofa beds

If your old sofa bed is looking tired and you need more than just a replacement mattress, why not consider a brand-new sofa bed? Perhaps you're redecorating and want a more stylish option to match your interior design.

The Novo Aizlewood Sofa Bed is stylish and so simple to convert from a sofa to a bed and back again. Sofa beds without mattresses, like the Aizlewood, are much easier to maintain, and you don't have to worry about replacing a mattress!

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Novo Aizlewood Sofa Bed in a guest room with a green side table and lamp next to it.
With a range of stylish colours and fabrics available, the Novo Aizlewood Sofa Bed suits any room

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Sofa beds are great if you've got family or friends coming to stay and you don't have a lot of room. Though, if you are limited on space, why not view our fold-away beds?

Check out the rest of our advice on guest beds so your visitors always have a comfy place to sleep. Or if you’d like to learn more about our sofa beds, our buying guide has detailed advice for you!