Martin Adams

Martin Adams

Martin has been with Mattress Online since the very beginning back in 2003. His job was to put the original website together so the company could sell mattresses online with free next-day delivery. Over those many years, he’s seen a lot about what customers want from their new bed or mattress and how we can best deliver on those expectations.

A technologist and educator at heart, Martin loves solving other people's problems. So being able to use these skills to create the best mattress website and delight our customers has been incredibly rewarding.

Over the years, Martin has worked for a range of companies, including IBM and Ericsson, as well as several startups. But when he’s not learning about cool new technologies, he loves to read and to teach what he’s learned.

It's this passion for teaching that has led him towards a thorough and well-researched approach to writing. So much so that he’s now the author of a book - Atomic Note-Taking - which helps teach others to do the same. Whether he’s writing about habits, sleep or wellbeing, Martin likes to make sure it's well researched and well written.

Martin has been putting these skills to good use, such as teaching doctoral students at the Queen Mary University of London how to research and create academic papers. He’s also taught these skills on YouTube, with over 1,000,000 views for his educational content.

So while his role at Mattress Online is Chief Innovation Officer, he sees it as a great opportunity to bring something helpful and positive to those who love their sleep and wellbeing.