The Sleeping Habits of Your Cat

The Sleeping Habits of Your Cat

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We humans often talk about taking a little catnap like it’s a short rest, which seems a little out of sync with the astonishingly long sleeping sessions often enjoyed by our furry friends. As we explored in our recent infographic on napping with cats, our feline companions simply love to sleep. And, while some of their sleeping behaviours might seem a little strange to us humans, there’s usually a good explanation behind them.

From TV hogging through to perching atop your head, we’re not kidding when we say your kitty’s sleeping style is likely to be perfectly normal for their species.


Why does my cat get lazier when it rains?


If you’ve noticed that your cat seems to move even less than usual on wet weather days, you’re not imagining it. You see, clever things that they are, cats often opt to stay put when there’s a chance they’ll get their paws wet. They’re less inclined to go out on the prowl for prey or play when it’s lashing down outside, so they tend to conserve their energy for when the weather changes.


A cat's face.


My cat swipes for me in his sleep, does he hate me?


Course not! Well, probably not. As cats go through non-REM and REM sleep like we do, scientists think it’s likely they dream too. It’s not uncommon to see cats twitching and turning in their sleep. And, because cats stay on full alert against predators while they snooze, they’re always seconds away from a flight or fight reaction. This unfortunately means that if you try to give your kitty a loving pat at the wrong time they’ll swipe out in their sleep to protect themselves. Ouch.


I often wake to find my cat on my head. Can I stop this?


Somewhat unlikely if you continue to bed-share. The thing is, cats like to snuggle next to us for warmth and it just so happens that our heads give off a lot of heat. So, even if your cat starts off at the bottom of your bed, there’s a really good chance that in the morning they’ll have assumed a scarf or hat-like position. This of course can lead to the sharing of drool and fur and it isn’t awfully hygienic, but hey, I bet you feel loved?


Tabby cat sleeping.


Why does my cat hog the TV?


You’re trying to catch up on your favourite soap but your cat is so glued to the screen you can’t see a thing and they’re not shifting. Why? Is it possible that kitty loves Corrie as much as you do? They might, but it’s more likely that they’re enjoying the electrical heat that the TV gives off. Your cat’s love of being warm and cosy is also why they’ll always find a basket of clean laundry to nest in or your favourite snuggly sweater you left to dry on the radiator.


Is it okay that my cat spends most of its life snoozing?


You got a cat for company, you expected that you’d spend time together playing, cuddling, maybe even going for strolls. The reality is your cat seems to spend most of their time asleep, and believe it or not, that’s perfectly normal. These naturally nocturnal characters can sleep for between 16 and 20 hours each day. You could say that sleeping is the domestic cat’s super power!

What’s the strangest thing your cat does when they sleep? Do you discover them napping in strange spots or perhaps they snore so loudly they wake you up?

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