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Top 4 Natural Home Remedies to Help You Sleep

16 May 20173 min read

Are you struggling to get to sleep? Being able to switch off and enjoy a good night's sleep every night isn't always easy. A natural sleep remedy could help if you're finding it difficult to sleep.

Using ingredients found in your refrigerator or cupboards, here are four natural sleep remedies that you could try:

  1. Lavender
  2. Warm milk
  3. Chamomile tea
  4. Tart cherry juice

Natural sleep remedy #1: Lavender

Lavender is known for its sleep-inducing properties. Smelling lavender has been shown to lower the heart rate and reduce anxiety, helping you to drift off to sleep more peacefully.

There are all sorts of lavender products available, including:

  • bath salts
  • bubble bath
  • bath bombs
  • candles
  • pillow spray
  • essential oil
  • face mask

You could combine lavender with a warm bath for the ultimate sleep remedy. For best results, be sure to add your lavender bubble bath while the water is running. Or why not go that step further and light some lavender candles around the bath?

Only have a shower? A nice hot shower using lavender shower gel works just as well!

Lavander bath salts close up
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Natural sleep remedy #2: Warm milk

Warm milk is often considered a natural sleep aid, commonly drank in the last hour before bed. Because milk contains the sleep-inducing amino acid, tryptophan, a warm glass of milk is sure to help you drift off to sleep. You could try mixing things up a little by adding a spoonful of honey to your milk.

There are many different alternatives to milk that can provide a good night's sleep when drank before bed:

  • Almond milk
  • Soya milk
  • Oat milk

Natural sleep remedy #3: Chamomile tea

Chamomile is often regarded as a mild tranquillizer and sleep-inducer - the ideal solution if you're finding it hard to sleep. A warm cup of chamomile tea around 30 minutes before bed is a great way to relax and help you drift off to sleep.

Not only can drinking chamomile help you sleep, it may:

  • help ease anxiety
  • relieve PMS symptoms
  • improve digestion
  • ease muscle tension
  • enhance skin health

Natural sleep remedy #4: Tart cherry juice

Drinking a glass of unsweetened cherry juice twice a day has been shown to help those struggling with insomnia to get more sleep. Tart cherry juice is a source of melatonin - a naturally-occurring substance that helps to control our sleep-wake cycles, also known as the circadian rhythm.

A glass of red juice next to a glass of cherries and a lemon
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Sleep remedies for a better night's sleep

These sleep remedies may help if you're looking for a natural way to get a good night's sleep. Pair this with our guide to calming essential oils and discover ways you can relax and enjoy a better sleep routine.