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8 TikTok Home Hacks to Transform Your Interiors for £95

20 Jul 20214 min read

TikTok is everywhere. It’s talked about non-stop by kids and scrolled through for hours by adults. But it’s not all just dancing and funny videos - you can find some incredible hacks to decorate your home quickly and cheaply.

We curated nine of the best trending TikTok home hacks to transform your interiors in under four hours, costing just £95!

TikTok Home Hack
1. Upgrade a boring corner of any room£1330 mins
2. Hide cords without making holes in the wall£815 mins
3. Build a DIY plant wall with wall mounted pots£1510 mins
4. Make a DIY key shelf£5.5015 mins
5. Add under cupboard kitchen lights£1310 mins
6. Create an ombre feature wall £101 hour
7. Make your own hanging shelves£12.5015 mins
8. Refresh your bathroom cabinets£101 hour



3 hrs 45 mins

1. Upgrade a boring corner of any room for £13


What about that uplight?! #learnontiktok #hgtvtiktok #homedecorideas #boardandbatten

♬ Stranger - CHUNNYT

Cost: £13

Time: 30 minutes

Transform any room by updating just one part of it, as @gigibrown77 suggests a unique take on the feature wall with a feature corner.

Using just a little paint and a few pieces of wood, you can complete this project in around 30 minutes - you’ll also have plenty of wood left for other designs.

2. Hide cords without making holes in the wall


Easy way to hind cords and wires 🙂 #diy #diyhomedecor

♬ Hakuna Matata - The Disneylanders

Cost: £8

Time: 15 minutes

Wall mounting a TV is a great way to make your room feel bigger. The only problem is it leaves you with unsightly hanging wires or a big project where you have to cut holes in your walls.

But you can use this tip from @hammsmom and keep your wires hidden with a cable wall cover. You can also paint it the same as your wall to blend it in.

3. Build a DIY plant wall for just £15


2021 plant wall 💁🏻‍♀️🪴 I’ve made a new plant wall every year since 2019 so I’ve decided I’m making it a tradition 😆 #plantwall #plantsoftiktok

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

Cost: £15

Time: 10 minutes

#plantwall has over 16.9 million views on TikTok - it’s a popular trend that seems to be sticking around. They’re also easy to do. Just follow @_forthehome to see an amazing example.

You can find hanging plant pots online that simply screw into the wall. These are slightly more affordable if you’re looking for a cheaper option. The pots are also self-watering so when you fill them up, they will give your plant the water they need, when they need it, to avoid overwatering.

4. Make a DIY key shelf in 15 minutes for £5.50


Trying something new #woodwork #diy #diyhomedecor

♬ Love You For A Long Time - Maggie Rogers

Cost: £5.50

Time: 15 minutes

The talented woodworker, @something_quaint shows you how easy it is to make a cool little key shelf with a few bits of wood you might have.

All you need are a few hooks, a circle of wood, a small length of wood and a tester pot of paint. Just cut the wood to the right length, attach them together and give it a coat of paint or two to make this handy key shelf.

5. Add under cupboard kitchen lights for £13


5-minute kitchen upgrade with this $19 Amazon hack! #rentalfriendly #hacks #lifehacks #amazonfinds #diy #homedecor #decorating #interiordesign #style

♬ Amazon Kitchen Hack Liz Lovery - Liz Lovery

Cost: £13

Time: 10 minutes

Under cupboard lighting in your kitchen looks great, but it’s costly and will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. But using this tip from @livlovery can let you add lights in a matter of minutes. Just pick up some wireless LED lights for no-fuss installation and manage using a remote control.

If you have a smart home and would rather control your lights through Google or Alexa, an LED strip light is also available for just a few pounds more.

6. Create an eye-catching ombre feature wall using £10 paint samples

Painting an ombré wall 💖 #ombre #painting #homedecor #gradient #pink #wall #wallpainting #diy #home

♬ original sound -

Cost: £10

Time: 1 hour shows us a simple way to bring the ombre trend into your home. The design should cost you about £10 for one wall by using a couple of tester pots for each different colour.

Just choose the colour you’d like, and add a few different shades to your wall going from dark to light - make sure you blend them in to make the most of the effect.

7. Make your own hanging shelves for £12.50

Easy dollar store DIY! #fyp #foryoupage #diy #easydiy #diydecor #decoration #homedecor

♬ Fast - Sueco the Child

Cost: £12.50

Time: 15 minutes made these incredible hanging shelves that you can replicate. Just use a wooden serving tray and some rope to recreate the look. You can save time varnishing by getting a pre-prepared tray online. They're also a good size to give you plenty of room to display things.

8. Refresh your bathroom cabinets for £10


BATHROOM CABINET MAKEOVER! #bathroomdiy #painttips #bathroommakeover #girlswhodiy #diybathroomremodel

♬ Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

Cost: £10

Time: 60 minutes (plus a couple of hours to dry)

If your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, just follow this hack from @sharee.designs to give them a refresh. A quick clean and a coat of paint can make them look as good as new - or even better.

Keep in mind, you’ll have to choose the right paint for your existing bathroom cupboards or the paint likely won’t last.

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