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Updating Your Bedroom for Winter? Interior Designer Shows What to Avoid

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12 Oct 20229 min read

With summer now a distant memory and the colder weather starting to set in, many of us will want to inject some cosiness into our home’s interior decor. As your place of rest and relaxation, what better place to start than the bedroom?

By analysing Pinterest Trends, Google searches and Instagram hashtags, we reveal the most popular bedroom items and accessories for Autumn/Winter 2022.

They may be popular but will they be stylish for long? We consulted interior designers to uncover which design choices have the most longevity, and reveal what your chosen bedroom trend says about you. 

Our analysis has revealed the most popular bedroom trends and accessories, based on demand and the number of times they have been shared on social media.

Topping this list is pampas grass, which is searched 57,000 times on Google every month and has been snapped 711,000 times on Instagram! Following an initial boom in the 1970s, the decorative grass has had a resurgence in 2022, with many people featuring real or artificial stems in their bedrooms. 

Minimalist bedroom with pampas grass

In second place is the picture wall. Growing in popularity over the last few years, there are now almost 100,000 picture walls shared on Instagram, and each month, there are 2,000 Google searches for picture wall ideas. 

Rounding off the top three are chunky knit throws. No doubt set to be a popular accessory as winter approaches, 4,600 people look for this trend on Google every month, while there are 87,800 snaps of them on Instagram.

RankItemNo. of Monthly SearchesNo. of Instagram PostsCombined TotalInterior Designer Verdict
1Pampas grass57,000654,000711,000On its way out
2Picture wall2,00097,10099,100On trend
3Chunky knit throws4,60087,80092,400On its way out
4Hanging bedside lamps1,80088,10089,900On its way out
5White walls3,70083,60087,300On trend
6Grey walls15,00068,50083,500On trend
7Floral wallpaper11,00071,30082,300On trend
8Ladder shelving34,00024,60058,600On its way out
9Chandelier39,0001,90040,900On its way out
10Fairy lights33,0002,20035,200On trend
11Feather light fitting3,40030,40033,800On its way out
12Plants2,20023,20025,400On trend
13Panelling3,00019,00022,000On trend
14Velvet bed5,00015,00020,000On its way out
15Wooden light fitting1,60010,80012,400On trend
16Navy wall3,6006,80010,400On its way out
17Body vase1,9007,1009,000On its way out
18Starburst mirrors1,2004,7005,900On its way out
19Beige walls1,7004,1005,800On trend
20Sage green wall2,0005182,518On trend

… but one interior designer suggests pampas grass could be on its way out!

Demand for pampas grass is huge, but is it already past its peak? Sophie Clemson, Design Director and Co-Founder of The Living House, makes her prediction: 

“Pampas grass has the least longevity as it is quite a flamboyant dried flower style. The arrangements are usually large to make a statement, which appeals to only a certain amount of people. It has been very well used and seen on Instagram. We anticipate people will tire of it and want to move on to something else, such as real plants.

“Plants are here to stay! They are perfect in every interior no matter what your style. Whether you are minimalist and need a little touch of greenery or a maximalist who loves to fill every surface with plants, they look great in every room.”

Considering a navy wall? Think again!

Searches for navy paint rose from an average of 2,500 searches per month in 2019 to over 8,000 searches in April 2020. By January 2021, searches peaked at 9,500, and today, demand for navy paint still remains above average.

However, if you’re thinking of introducing navy to just one wall of your bedroom, you may want to think again. Sophie advises:

“Feature walls were a huge trend and a way of adding a statement to your room without adding too much pattern. Nowadays, a strong colour feature wall can look a bit dated. To update the look, we would recommend using the same colour on every wall to create a cosy and on-trend design.”

Navy bedroom with hanging lights

Chunky knit throws are going out of style - choose lambswool or linen instead

As you look to update your bedroom for autumn/winter 2022, you may be tempted to reach for that chunky knit throw that has been tucked away in your wardrobe since last year. Sophie explains why linen or lambswool blankets are a more stylish choice:

“In autumn/winter, you want to create a cosy feel in your bedroom even more. Instead of a chunky knit blanket, we recommend a lambswool throw or a simple linen throw, which will bring texture to the room. 

“Try to layer your throws, as this will create a more interesting look, and don't worry too much about perfection. Simply draping and layering your throws across the bed gives that desired cosy and relaxed style.”

On-trend hanging bedside lamps have less longevity than you may think

Depending on how much work you’re looking to do, you may be tempted to install some hanging bedside lamps. 

Not considered a light-touch update by any stretch due to the wiring work required to install, you can often find these lamps in swanky hotel rooms. However, Sophie offers an alternative lighting style that could give your bedroom more longevity:

“Hanging bedside lamps are a show home classic as they help to create a glam hotel boutique style and free up space on your bedside table. However wall lights are making a comeback and whether you love a classic timeless style or a contemporary showstopper, they are definitely replacing the hanging bedside lamp trend.”

Bedroom with bamboo wooden furniture and hanging bamboo lights

Choose a textured fabric bed frame for maximum longevity

Of course, the main feature of your bedroom is your bed, so it’s really important that you choose the right one. Sophie explains how you can make sure your bed stays in style, no matter how often your bedroom decor changes:

“If you want your bed to have longevity then go for a neutral fabric such as beiges and taupes. A  textured linen-style fabric bed frame is a great choice, as it has a timeless look and works well with various room styles. 

Championed by the likes of Mrs Hinch, velvet beds are another popular choice - but will they stay that way?

Sophie adds: “Crushed velvet beds can be seen as quite a glam look. We are seeing a much more relaxed and natural interior style becoming increasingly popular, so velvet finishes and textures don't pair quite as well with current trends. 

“However, if you love velvet then go for it! We always say choose what you love!”

Mattress Online’s resident interior designer and product manager Annie Conduit explains how you can make velvet beds work in your home: "As intimidating as it might seem, a bold bed frame can be the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your bedroom; a vibrant velvet can bring a contemporary edge to a neutral space. 

“If you consider that your bed will be dressed with bedding and pillows, and that any colours and patterns will often be viewed while you lay under the covers, a pop of colour or a statement headboard won't actually be too overwhelming."

LPD Pierre velvet bed full roomset

DIY panelling hasn’t dated, but it has evolved

DIY panelling soared in popularity during lockdown, as many people turned to home improvement to pass the time. While some predicted that panelling would quickly date, Sophie has highlighted that the trend is here to stay:

“Panelling is a classic look in the right property and gives timeless style to a period home. It has been so popular in newbuild homes as a way to add interest.

“However, the trend has now evolved and we are seeing different forms of panelling, such as wooden slatted walls. This brings a natural texture and suits new build homes more than the classic square designs.” 

Minimalist bedroom with wood panelling

In full: the bedroom items that are in and out

If you’re planning a bedroom revamp, we’ve rounded up Sophie’s recommendations so you can see at a glance which items have the greatest longevity and those that will date most quickly:

  • Picture walls
  • White walls
  • Grey walls
  • Fairy lights
  • Plants
  • Panelling
  • Wooden/bamboo light fittings
  • Beige walls
  • Sage green walls
  • Floral wallpaper
  • Chandeliers
  • Pampas grass
  • Chunky knit throws
  • Hanging bedside lamps
  • Ladder shelving
  • Feather light fittings
  • Velvet beds
  • Navy feature wall
  • Starburst mirrors

We asked Sophie about some of 2022’s most popular bedroom trends to find out which type of person they suit best:

TrendTrend SynopsisWhat It Says About You
An understated look where interest is created using textures and a subtle accent colour.- Efficient
- Likes order
- Everything has a place
Embracing colour and pattern and being bold. Mixing different patterns together and using statement pieces.- Bubbly
- Colourful
- Flamboyant
Cosy, warm and rustic. A homely farmhouse feel with homemade pieces paired with pretty floral prints.- Artisanal
- Creative
- Crafty
Using natural materials, buying quality pieces that will last a lifetime and upcycling existing furniture to give it a new lease of life.- Nature lover
- Lives sustainable
- Likes the outdoors
Where Japanese and Scandinavian design trends meet. Focusing on warmth, natural elements, and muted colour palettes, it embraces contentment and simplicity, as well as cosiness and comfort.- Stylish trend follower
- Interested in culture and heritage
-Sees their home as a sanctuary

Asked which of the above trends has the most longevity, Sophie commented: “Sustainability is more likely to be a trend that is here to stay as more and more people are considering their lifestyle choices and how they can choose better options that are more environmentally friendly. 

And the trend we can see age the quickest? 

“Maximalism is quite a tricky trend to pull off correctly as it is all about creating an effortlessly well put together room which can easily become quite confused and mismatched. As it is easier to get wrong than right, it could decrease in popularity.”

Interior designer shares her top four tips for creating a timeless bedroom

Sophie shares her secrets to creating a bedroom that will withstand the test of time:

  1. When you buy a bed, opt for a light neutral base colour as this will last for many years. Add colour and pattern on smaller items, like cushions or a lampshade, which can be easily changed when you fancy a refresh.
  1. Invest in good-quality white bedding with a high thread count. You can’t go wrong with white bedding, it suits all styles and you can dress it up with different throws and bedspreads.
  1. Don’t buy a matching set of bedroom furniture. Mixing old with new creates a more timeless look, and different woods and finishes add interest. 
  1. Be careful with trends and be selective. Everything dates, but the more trendy an item, the quicker it will look like yesterday's good idea! Of course, it’s your room, so if you genuinely love something - go for it!

Mattress Online CEO Steve Adams commented: “Bedrooms are incredibly personal spaces, so it’s only right that the design of them reflects your personality. 

“As well as the overall aesthetic, you also need to consider the ‘sleepability’ of your room. Everything from the colour of the walls to the amount of clutter on display can impact how easy it is to get to sleep, so make sure you make considered decisions if you’re updating your bedroom this season. 

“Keep the main purpose of the room in mind and create a sleep haven you can enjoy night after night.”

Bedrooms are personal spaces and at Mattress Online, we’re here to help you get yours just right. Shop our dedicated collection of beds online today.

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