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Sports Therapy Mattresses

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Collage of athletes, left to right: Anthony Watson, Zoe Smith, Dai Green, Liam Plunket and Dame Sarah Storey

We believe that a great night's sleep makes all the difference to your mental and physical health and wellbeing. We've teamed up with Sports Therapy to offer an exclusive all-new range of mattresses, especially designed for active lifestyles - whether you're health conscious or a Sports Professional.

A long day deserves the ultimate rest and recuperation. Playing an essential part in recovery, a deep, therapeutic sleep ensures your body is relaxed and refreshed - giving you the energy boost you need.

Advanced technology for active lifestyles

Optimised, all-over body support, pressure relief and enhanced ventilation - the key ingredients for energising, rejuvenating sleep.

At the core of every Sports Therapy mattress is a superior multi-zone foam unit, featuring individual, castellated comfort cells that offer targeted support where you need it most. These cells create air channels within the foam, ensuring airflow throughout the mattress is maximised for a cooler, fresher sleep.

Comfort layers including world-renowned Talalay Latex and innovative Blu Cool Memory Foam offer the perfect finish for soothing pressure relief and care for sore, aching muscles.

The result?

  • A deeper, more restful sleep
  • Optimised recovery
  • Alleviation of aches and pains
  • Improved physical and mental performance
  • Enhanced wellbeing
Diagram showing the structure of the castellated foam with arrows showing the airflow between the grooves whilst a 3D body floats above it with arrows in between showing the support structure

Premium quality mattresses and beds, created especially for active people. There's something for everyone! Choose the perfect mattress for you and instantly feel the benefits of a revitalising sleep.

Our collection of Sports Therapy mattresses includes the deluxe Gel Mattress to the pressure-relieving Silver Memory and the exceptionally comfortable Sports Therapy Bronze.

Say goodbye to a restless night's sleep and stiff, aching, tired muscles. Wake up feeling energised and ready to perform at your very best - every day!

Don't just take our word for it!

See what these famous sports professionals have to say about Sports Therapy Mattresses:

  • Portrait of Anthony Watson looking at an angle to the camera holding a rugby ball to his shoulder
    "I was looking for a new mattress that would help me get the best possible sleep – vital for all professional athletes. It is perfect for this and has already led to better sleep and is helping my body to recover during rest. I would highly recommend it to other athletes."
    Anthony Watson
    International rugby player
  • Image of Zoe Smith looking away from the camera with her right arm resting backwards on a set of weights
    "Sleeping on a Sports Therapy Mattress helps to aid my training as my muscles get tense and my body can get tired. It's a great way to feel relaxed after a busy day of training."
    Zoe Smith
    Commonwealth Gold Medalist Weightlifter
  • Portrait of Dai Green looking into the camera leaning over a hurdle
    "I'm very happy with the mattress as I find it very comfortable after a long day training," says Dai. "I chose the firm option and, not only does it help me unwind, it has helped relieve stiffness through my lower back. I go to sleep feeling relaxed and wake up feeling flexible."
    Dai Green
    World & Commonwealth 400m Hurdle Champion
  • Image of Liam Smith bowling a cricket ball towards the camera on a cricket pitch with stumps to the right of him
    "I am delighted with my Vogue Beds Sports Therapy Mattress. Prior to sleeping on this mattress, I struggled to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. With the rigours of professional sport, decent sleep is a must and I can't speak highly enough of this sports mattress...I've tried loads of mattresses over the years and nothing compares to this one. It supports my back, makes me feel comfortable and, above all else, I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning. We take sleep for granted and I didn't realise the importance of it until I started sleeping on a Vogue mattress with its unique technology. The company really has developed a great range of products."
    Liam Plunkett
    England and Yorkshire County Cricket Club cricketer
  • Shot of Dame Sarah Storey in her racing uniform stood up smiling at the camera with her arms behind her back
    "The Sports Therapy mattress provides an incredible sleep experience with all the comfort for a 'I don't want to get up' feeling and all the practical attributes of never overheating and being supportive to the entire length of your body. It is so relaxing it feels as though you are floating."
    Dame Sarah Storey DBE
    Great Britain's most versatile and successful Paralympians in history having won eleven gold, eight silver and three bronze medals across an impressive six Paralympic Games for swimming and cycling!
  • Action shot of Sean Lamont running with a rugby ball facing the camera
    "Rest and recovery are just as important as training," says Sean. "With my new Vogue Beds Sports Therapy mattress I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to go every morning."
    Sean Lamont
    Rugby player for Scotland and Glasgow Warriors
  • Shot of Claire Cashmore on the poolside with a medal around her neck whilst holding a teddy bear
    "As a swimmer, I regularly wake up ridiculously early in the morning, so getting a quality night's sleep is vital to ensure that I am recovered for the next day's training", says Claire."Since having the Sports Therapy mattress, as soon as my head hits the bed, I'm asleep within a few minutes which means I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for training. I would definitely recommend this mattress for other elite athletes."
    Claire Cashmore
    Triple Paralympic medallist
  • Shot of Hannah Whelan on a balance beam posing with her right hand in the air
    "The Sports Therapy mattress provides amazing support and comfort during my sleep. Due to my high-intensity training schedule, getting lots of relaxation, recovery and rest time is really important. My Vogue mattress supports my body as well as making sure I get a great night's sleep before training – I love it!"
    Hannah Whelan
    Senior British Gymnastics Champion in 2010 and 2011
  • Image of Wayne White running with his hand in the air celebrating getting a member of the other team out
    "Since using the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress I have noticed an improved sleep quality that has enhanced my recovery and preparation to play at the optimal level. During my career as a professional cricketer I have sustained numerous back injuries, including a Stress fracture. Since using the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress I have not had any back problems and have suffered from less joint stiffness in the mornings following training and matches. I feel the use of the Vogue Sports Therapy Mattress has been an important part of my most successful season so far."
    Wayne White
    Cricketer / Lancashire Cricket Club
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