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Buying Advice for Allergy Sufferers

More than 20% of the UK population suffer from allergies that can be triggered by a range of things in our bedrooms, including dust mites, mould and bacteria.

Dust mites are the most common allergy triggers in the bedroom. While dust mites themselves don't affect your allergies, their droppings contain proteins that can cause an allergic reaction.

From ways to make your bed allergy-friendly to the best hypoallergenic mattresses, our guide has all the answers you need to get a good night's sleep with an allergy. Read on to find out more.

The Allergy UK Seal of Approval can be found on approved anti-allergy products
Look out for the Allergy UK Seal of Approval on our anti-allergy products

What are the symptoms of a dust mite allergy?

Allergies come in many different forms, and allergens in your bedroom can trigger your symptoms resulting in an uncomfortable night's sleep. You may experience:

  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • itching
  • wheezing
  • watery eyes

These symptoms are similar to reactions for both hay fever and asthma, which makes it hard to discover the cause of the problem. If you experience these symptoms, check out our tips below for ways to reduce triggers in your bedroom.

What mattress should I buy for my allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, it's important to buy the right mattress. This can help reduce the intensity of your symptoms. Your new mattress should be described as hypoallergenic, anti-allergy or non-allergenic. It may also feature anti-allergy cover treatment and it may have the Allergy UK seal of approval.

There are many different hypoallergenic mattresses available for you to choose from. Foam mattresses are particularly beneficial in lowering the risk of dust mites and allergens in your bedroom. The solid core structure of these mattresses makes them impenetrable to dust mites.

We currently sell four types of foam mattresses: memory foam, gel foam, reflex foam and latex. All of these foams make it harder for dust mites to thrive and mould to grow.

Want to know more about foam mattresses? Read and discover:

What antibacterial mattress treatment is available?

Hypoallergenic mattresses are often treated with specialist antibacterial cover technology. There are many different cover treatments throughout our mattress range, however, they all share a common goal: to prevent dust mites, mould and allergens in your mattress.


An active probiotic is applied to the fabric cover of your mattress. Tiny capsules inside the fabric are then released when you move at night. The friendly bacteria released then take up all of the available moisture that dust mites would otherwise use to thrive on.

Purotex® covers are commonly found in our Silentnight and Sealy mattress collections.


Designed for a clean and healthy sleeping environment, this cover treatment wicks away moisture to keep you dry. As a result, this reduces the build-up of mould, odour and dust mites.

Adaptive® is found in our Luna range and a select few Sealy mattresses.


Fresche® is a new generation of antimicrobial technology that works to reduce the risk of fungal growth, in addition to dust mites and odour, from your mattress surface.

Fresche can often be found in our Breasley mattresses.


This is a mattress cover treatment that is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial technology. This reduces allergens, dust mite and mould within your mattress.

Actipro® is used in all of our Slumberland and Dunlopillo mattresses.

Bug Guard™

This non-allergenic treatment actively prevents the presence of dust mites within your mattress.

This treatment is a key feature in our Sports Therapy mattress range.

Sealy Posturepedic Jubilee Latex Mattress, hypoallergenic with a layer of latex
The Sealy Posturepedic Jubilee Latex Mattress is approved by Allergy UK for dust mite resistance

How can I make my mattress allergy-friendly?

Choosing a hypoallergenic mattress is the best way to lessen the effects of allergens, dust mites and mould. To enjoy the full benefit of your hypoallergenic mattress, you should consider investing in anti-allergy bedding, too.

Purchase an anti-allergy mattress protector

Hypoallergenic mattress protectors act as a barrier between you and your mattress, making it harder for dust mites to settle. This will further reduce your symptoms and keep your mattress clean and free from spills.

Choose an allergy-free duvet

Non-hypoallergenic duvets can cause your allergy symptoms to worsen. Anti-allergy duvets feature hypoallergenic fillings to guard against dust mites and bacteria.

Invest in a hypoallergenic pillow

Anti-allergenic pillows are a great way to relieve your allergic symptoms. Made from memory foam, latex or gel, these pillows reduce the risk of dust mites thanks to their dense structure. Finished with a treated cover, this further helps to guard against mould, dust mites and allergens.

The Sports Therapy Pillow, a memory foam pillow that naturally resists dust mites
The Sports Therapy Pillow features Bug Guard™ for protection against dust mites

How can I make my bedroom allergy-free?

Follow our five top tips to help you reduce your symptoms and keep your bedroom clean and fresh.

  1. Keep your room ventilated through the night with a slightly opened window.
  2. Don't make your bed immediately in the morning - throw back the covers for at least 20 minutes to allow moisture to evaporate.
  3. Regularly wash your sheets at 60 degrees - this helps to kill any bacteria and dust mites present.
  4. Gently vacuum your bedroom, bed and mattress regularly to reduce dust build-up.
  5. Keep pets out of the bedroom to reduce dust and allergens.

We hope this guide has helped to make your bedroom allergy-friendly and has improved your sleep quality. Check out our advice page on hypoallergenic mattress fillings and head over to our Sleep Better Blog for more tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

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