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Can I Pair any Mattress With any Bed?

Generally speaking, you can pair most mattresses with most bed frames. The exception to this is adjustable beds and other more specific types of beds, such as sofa beds, which need specific types of mattresses.

However, pairing a new mattress with an old bed frame may not offer you the comfort and support you would expect. Using your new mattress with an old bed frame can be a false economy, and can reduce the functionality of your new mattress. Your mattress and base work together - it may be worth spending extra on a new bed frame in order to gain the maximum benefits both can offer.

It is important to measure the exact dimensions of your mattress, to ensure that your mattress will fit your bed frame. Manufacturers often vary in their sizing of their beds and mattresses. You may find that one king size bed, for example, is different to another manufacturer's king size bed!

It is always a good idea to check with the manufacturer for guidance before buying a corresponding mattress or bed. Putting a new mattress over an old base may even invalidate the warranty, so this is an important factor to consider.

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