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What are Bed Frame Slats?

Slats are the platform on which your mattress rests within the bed frame. Bed frames come with either solid slats or sprung slats.

  • Solid slats run through the entire width of the bedframe and are more rigid. Fixed within the bedframe, these type of slats offer a firmer, more supportive base.
  • Sprung slats offer greater flexibility as they are slightly curved. This offers a more comfortable base as they respond to your movements. As sprung slats work in conjunction with your mattress to a greater degree than solid slats, they can promote the life of your mattress.

It is advisable to note that the gap between slats should not be greater than 7-8cm (approximately 3 inches). The wider the gaps, the more wear the mattress will undergo. However, do check individual manufacturer guidelines, as they often have their own recommendations on spacing of slats for their own mattresses.

Please note: when assembling your bed frame, be sure to pop the slats in the right way! The sprung slats should be bowed upwards in a rainbow-shape, rather than pointing downwards towards the floor.

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