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How Often Should I Rotate or Turn my Mattress?

Rotating your mattress on a regular basis is the easiest way to increase the longevity of your mattress. Forming part of the care and maintenance of your mattress, the main benefits to rotating your mattress regularly are:

  • consistent level of support
  • continued comfort
  • reduced risk of sagging
The Sleepeezee Ultrafirm 1600 Pocket Mattress, a double-sided mattress that requires turning to maintain comfort
The Sleepeezee Ultrafirm 1600 Pocket Mattress: a double-sided, turnable pocket sprung mattress

When it comes to rotating your mattress, you should rotate at least every three months. If you can see a slight sag or feel that your mattress isn't offering the comfort that you expect, use your own judgement and rotate your mattress when needed.

When deciding how often you should rotate your mattress, you need to consider:

  1. how often is your mattress being used?
  2. who is sleeping on the mattress?
  3. is your mattress double-sided?

1. How often is your mattress being used?

If you are sleeping on your mattress every night, your mattress will start to sag and lose support faster than if you were using it occasionally. We recommend that you rotate it every three months.

If your mattress is only used when guests come to stay, rotating every three months won't be necessary. In this case, you should aim to rotate it every six months.

2. Who is sleeping on the mattress?

If you are the only person sleeping on the mattress, chances are you'll sleep on one side and in the same position every night. If you don't rotate your mattress every three months, you may find that one side of your mattress is sagging, reducing the support.

If you share your mattress with another person, it is likely that they don't weigh the same as you, and sleep in a different position. Rotating your mattress ensures a balanced amount of wear on either side.

3. Is your mattress double-sided?

If you have a double-sided mattress, this type of mattress will not only need rotating every three months - it will also need to be flipped twice a year.

In contrast, single-sided mattresses will never need to be flipped, but they still need to be rotated every three months.

How do you rotate a mattress?

Rotating your mattress is quite simple and can usually be completed by one person. Before you rotate your mattress, you first need to remove your:

  1. pillows
  2. quilt
  3. bottom sheet
  4. mattress protector
  5. furniture close to the bed

Then, to rotate your mattress, simply move the head of your mattress round to the bottom of your bed, completing one full 180-degree rotation.

How do you turn or flip a mattress?

You should only ever flip your mattress if the manufacturer states that it is a double-sided mattress. Double-sided mattresses need to be flipped at least twice a year and rotated every three months.

Just like when you rotate your mattress, you need to make sure you remove all bedding and furniture that may be in your way. You then need to:

  1. rotate your mattress 90 degrees
  2. raise your mattress onto its side
  3. lower your mattress so that the top side is now at the bottom
  4. rotate 90 degrees back onto your bed

Doing this will also rotate your mattress 180 degrees, so you can complete a flip and a rotate all at once.

Rotating your mattress is necessary to maintain the condition of your mattress so that you can continue to enjoy a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. If you are unsure whether your mattress needs to be flipped or not, please check the label on your mattress. Still can't find the answer? Simply give us a call and we'll help you find the answer.

For more help and tips on how to care for and maintain the condition of your mattress, you may find the following mattress advice pages useful: how can I clean my mattress? and when should I change my mattress?

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