Mattress Topper Questions and Answers

Here we answer some of our customers' most frequently asked questions about mattress toppers.

We talk about everything from how mattress toppers work, to how long they last and whether you can use them with electric blankets.

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What does a mattress topper do?

Mattress toppers work in conjunction with your mattress to provide an extra layer of comfort, resulting in an overall better sleeping experience.

If you feel like your mattress has grown firmer or softer over time, you can purchase a mattress topper with a certain firmness.

Mattress toppers help to:

  • Change the feel of your mattress
  • Increase comfort and support

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Mattress toppers provide an extra boost of comfort - so you can sleep soundly!

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How long do mattress toppers last?

If you sleep on your topper every night, we recommend replacing your mattress topper every 3-4 years.

Your topper will go through a lot of wear and tear during this time and can deteriorate in comfort and support. The average body loses on average half a pint of fluid every night as well as regularly shedding skin cells. Even if you keep on top of cleaning your topper regularly, it is best to replace it at some point.

If you don’t sleep on your topper nightly, you may not need to replace it as often.

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Do you put sheets or a mattress protector over a topper?

If you have both a mattress topper and protector, the order of your bedding should go:

  • Mattress
  • Mattress topper
  • Mattress protector
  • Sheets

This is because protectors are designed to protect your mattress and any other accessories from accidents and stains. The sheet on top helps to keep everything in place and stop your layers from sliding.

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How do you fold a mattress topper?

Once a mattress topper has been unpackaged, we do not advise re-rolling or re-folding it as this can damage the fillings inside and affect its overall look and feel.

If you’d like to know how to correctly store your mattress topper, check out our helpful advice page.

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Can a mattress topper be used as a mattress?

No, you cannot sleep on just a mattress topper. A topper does not provide enough support or comfort when used without a mattress.

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How to stop your mattress topper from sliding

There are several things you can do to stop your mattress topper from slipping in the night:

  1. Ensure that your mattress topper is the correct size for your mattress
    • If the topper is too large, it will slip as you move in the night.
  1. Ensure that your mattress is the correct depth for your topper
    • Most mattress toppers have a minimum or maximum mattress depth. If your mattress is too thin or thick for your topper, it may cause the topper to either pop off your mattress or slide around too much.
  1. Use a tighter fitted sheet over your mattress and topper
    • This will help to keep the topper flush to your mattress throughout the night.

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No, we do not recommend stacking mattress toppers. This can damage the toppers and will worsen your sleeping experience as they will slide around during the night.

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Can you use an electric blanket with a mattress topper?

This varies between different manufacturers. Some brands stipulate that you can only use certain electric blankets with their toppers or none at all.

Please check your care instructions or get in touch with the manufacturer directly to see if it is safe to use an electric blanket with your mattress topper.

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