Mattress Topper Firmness

Much like mattresses, mattress toppers come in a variety of firmnesses to provide a unique sleeping experience. They can either make your mattress feel firmer or feel softer.

Much like the different variations of mattress firmness, some mattress topper manufacturers assign a firmness rating to their topper. These include:

  • Soft to medium
  • Medium
  • Firm

However, these are not fixed firmness ratings as the firmness of the topper can vary depending on the type of mattress you place it on top of. The firmness of your mattress topper can greatly affect the feel of your mattress, which is why it’s important to pick the correct mattress topper for you.

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A person pressing on a mattress topper to test its firmness
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Can a mattress topper make my bed firmer or softer?

Yes, mattress toppers can change the firmness of your mattress.

The firmness of your mattress topper is important to consider as it can greatly affect your overall sleeping experience.

Firmness ratings on mattress toppers are not fixed, but many manufacturers will describe toppers as either soft to medium, medium or firm to give you an idea of their overall feel.

Mattress toppers are perfect if you’re trying to change the firmness of your mattress. Simply choose a softer or firmer mattress topper to reach your ideal firmness level and you’ll instantly feel the benefits.

But note, if you choose a mattress topper of the same firmness as your current mattress, you may run the risk of making it too firm or soft for your liking. For example, you may love your firm mattress and want to choose a firm mattress topper to go with it. However, this may make your mattress now feel too firm to be comfortable.

We recommend double-checking the product description to ensure that the mattress topper you’re looking to purchase will give you the desired effect when placed on your mattress.

If you have any concerns or further questions, just get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help!

Can you buy a firm mattress topper?

Yes, you can buy a firm mattress topper. These firmer toppers are usually made from memory foam or a different variation of foam.

The firmest mattress topper we stock here at Mattress Online is:

Emma Flip Mattress Topper on a mattress in a grey bedroom.
Made entirely from memory foam, the Emma Flip Topper is the firmest topper we stock

Can a mattress topper make a bed softer?

Yes, a mattress topper can make a bed softer. Mattress toppers with hollowfibre or natural fillings are more cushioning than supportive.

Our three softest mattress toppers are:

Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper
The Silentnight Luxury Deep Sleep Ultimate is perfect for softening any mattress

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Are firm mattress toppers good for back pain?

Firm mattress toppers can help to relieve pressure from your joints, hips and back, but you will see the most benefits if your firm mattress topper is paired with an orthopaedic mattress.

This is because these mattresses have been specially designed to alleviate back pain and relieve pressure exactly where you need it most. If your mattress topper is not resting on a suitable mattress, you may not notice a difference at all, or it could even cancel out the benefits of the mattress.

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Can a mattress topper fix a bad mattress?

No, a mattress topper will not be able to completely fix a mattress in bad condition. 

In order to work effectively and provide the right amount of comfort and support, a topper must still have a good mattress as its base.

We often get asked, ‘Can a mattress topper fix a sagging mattress?’ and the answer is no. A mattress topper cannot fix the integrity of your mattress.

It’s important to remember that a mattress topper won’t completely alter how your mattress feels. If your mattress is in bad condition or is nearing the end of its life, a mattress topper will not be able to help. 

If your mattress is still within its guarantee or warranty and you purchased it from Mattress Online, we’ll be more than happy to help you out! Just contact our Customer Services team for more information.

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