What is a Hotel Contract Bed?

Contract beds - often referred to as hotel beds - are specially-designed beds for commercial use. They are used in hotels, B&Bs and educational establishments.

Contract beds go through rigorous testing procedures to meet strict fire safety and quality regulations. This ensures that every contract bed complies with BS7177:2008 Source 5 - Medium Hazard (Crib 5).

When you buy a contract bed, you can be reassured that your new bed has been tested to the highest standards. This means that it will provide the utmost safety for your guests.

Contract beds aren't just for luxury five-star hotels - they are essential for any commercial or educational environment, including:

  • Hotels
  • B&Bs
  • Student accommodation
  • Boarding schools
  • Holiday camps
  • Hostels

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What mattresses do hotels use?

Hotels use specially-designed mattresses that meet stringent safety and quality standards. These mattresses are often called contract mattresses. Contract mattresses - and contract beds - are used in hotels and commercial establishments.

Hotel mattresses are comfortable, supportive and designed to last. If you want the quality, style and comfort of a hotel mattress and bed at home, why not take a look at our great range of hotel-quality mattresses and divan beds?

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Why should I buy a contract bed?

You should buy a contract bed if you own educational or commercial premises with bedrooms. If you own a business that hosts guests, purchasing a contract bed isn't a choice, it's a requirement by law. If your beds aren't 'Crib 5' compliant, you will be putting your guests at risk and your insurance will be invalid in the event of a fire.

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What types of contract beds are available?

Contract beds are available in a variety of different styles, to suit all guests. The main types are contract divan beds and folding contract beds.

1. Contract divan bed

Contract divan beds are the most common type of contract bed available and are typically found in hotels. Constructed with a sturdy wooden frame, these beds have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the contract environment.

Many of our contract divan beds can be customised to suit your needs. You can choose the colour finish of the bed, and the height, too. This means you can get a bed that will perfectly match your requirements.

In addition, all of our contract divan beds:

  • Have passed all of the relevant safety requirements for commercial use
  • Feature a sturdy platform top base
  • Provide long-lasting performance for years to come

2. Folding contract bed

Folding contract beds are often used as spare beds in hotel rooms. These beds are great for guests with children or rooms to sleep an extra person.

Folding beds are easy to store when not in use and don't take up much room. These beds are made using a sturdy metal structure, so they'll provide lasting support even with regular use.

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Can I purchase a contract mattress separately?

Yes, of course! You can choose from a wide range of contract mattresses. They're ideal if you already have a hotel bed.

When purchasing a replacement mattress for your commercial establishment, make sure that the one you buy complies with 'Crib 5' safety and quality regulations.

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress
The Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Mattress is a high-quality pocket sprung hotel mattress

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What size contract bed can I get?

Selecting the right size contract bed is easy, with our handy size guide. Take a look at our wide selection of contract hotel bed sizes.

Single3' x 6'3" (90cm x 190cm)
Double4'6" x 6'3" (135cm x 190cm)
King Size5' x 6'6" (150cm x 200cm)
Superking6' x 6'6" (180cm x 200cm)

Need to convert your beds from doubles to twins? A superking zip and link bed is the ideal solution. Superking zip and link beds give you the option of one luxurious superking size bed, or you can split it into two single beds when needed. This makes it easy to adjust the room to suit the needs of your guests.

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Contract beds: what firmness can I get?

If you own a hotel or B&B, you'll understand how important it is that your guests enjoy a great night's sleep. Our hotel beds are available in a range of firmness options for you to choose from:

  • Medium to firm support
  • Firm support

Hotel beds need to be built to last, and the same can be said about hotel mattresses. Firmer mattresses offer durability and support for longer, so they're ideal for your hotel, B&B or educational establishment.

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Where can I buy a contract bed?

We offer a fantastic range of contract beds for you to choose from. If you are looking to purchase multiple beds, we offer bulk orders. Simply give us a call and we'll be delighted to help.

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Contract beds: best sellers

Purchasing the right bed for your premises is key, and so is the price. We've collected a list of our best-selling contract beds, in a range of prices, to help you find the one you need.

Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Divan Bed

1. Sleepeezee Hotel Classic 1000 Pocket Contract Divan Bed Set

  • From £614.95
  • Contract divan bed
  • Complete with a pocket sprung mattress
Sleepeezee Hotel Supreme 1400 Pocket Contract Divan Bed

2. Sleepeezee Hotel Supreme 1400 Pocket Contract Divan Bed Set

  • From £764.95
  • Contract divan bed
  • Complete with a natural mattress

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Buying a contract bed for your hotel or educational establishment is a necessary requirement to remain compliant. Providing your guests with the safety and quality they deserve is of utmost importance, and we're here to help you achieve this. Shop our great range today, or get in touch if you have any questions.