Anti-Snore Pillow – Does It Really Work?

Anti-Snore Pillow – Does It Really Work?

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We’re used to hearing about ‘miracle’ cures every day, so it’s no wonder that the Anti-Snore pillow has faced scepticism. But a pillow that claims to reduce snoring by approximately 50%, sounds too good to be true right?

We thought so too, so we decided to put this pillow to the test!

What does the Anti-Snore pillow do?

The Anti-Snore pillow has been designed to help those who snore, snore less. It’s ergonomically shaped to support your head and neck. Providing the optimum position for improved breathing, which in return reduces snoring.

How did we test the Anti-Snore pillow?

We gave away three Anti-Snore Pillows to independent testers to get their opinion. Our carefully selected testers all claimed to be loud and frequent snorers who were in desperate need of some help.

We asked our testers to use the anti-snore pillow for a minimum of one week to find out whether it did improve their snoring. After using this pillow on a regular basis, they gave us their feedback.

What did our testers think?

All of our testers noted that the shape of the pillow did take some getting used to, but once they were asleep, it worked like a dream.

As a result of using the Anti-Snore pillow, our testers and their partners were both able to get a better night's sleep.

Did the volume of your snoring reduce?

The result for this one was unanimous. All three testers said that the volume of their snoring reduce the first night they used the Anti-Snore pillow.

For two of our testers, it really did make a huge difference when it came to getting a good night's sleep.

‘My wife used to hear me snoring when she was downstairs. Now she barely hears a thing when she’s sleeping next to me - it’s great!’

‘I often woke during the night as a result of my own snoring, but not with this pillow!’

Did the frequency of your snoring reduce?

Two out of the three testers now snore far less frequently than they used to thanks to the Anti-Snore pillow.

‘My snoring used to keep my wife awake, but now that I’m snoring less, we’re both getting a better night’s sleep.’

Did your breathing improve?

Thanks to the unique shape of the Anti-Snore pillow, improved breathing is one of the added benefits of using this pillow. When you struggle to breathe at night, it effects your sleep, so you wake tired.

For our testers, this made a huge difference come morning.

‘I’m currently being tested for sleep apnoea and this pillow has worked wonders to improve my breathing. I now wake feeling refreshed after having a proper night’s sleep.’

The answer?

Yes, the Anti-Snore pillow most definitely works. For many people, medical conditions prevent them from ever being able to stop snoring completely. The Anti-Snore pillow has proven to lessen the frequency and volume of snoring for our testers.

If you keep your partner awake due to snoring, it might be time to try the Anti-Snore pillow for yourself!

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