Top 5 Pancake Day Records

Top 5 Pancake Day Records

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Frying pans at the ready! Pancake day is here!

Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, pancake day originally began as a way to use up eggs and fats before embarking on the Lenten tradition of fasting.

Over the years, this fun and tasty day has transformed into a flippin' brilliant tradition for everyone to enjoy.

It may feel like pancake day has creped up on us, but we are delighted it is here!

To help celebrate, we've handpicked five of the best Guinness World Records for you to have a go at. Whilst some may be a little ambitious, you can still tweak them for some fun family competition.

Pancake with blueberries and sprinkled with flour
Photo by Visual Hunt

1. Tallest stack of pancakes


You're going to need a lot of milk! The tallest stack of pancakes stands at a whopping 3ft 4 and was created by a team of chefs at Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest in 2016.

Now we don’t expect you to challenge the 213 pancakes made by the team at Centre Parcs, but a family ‘stack off’ could add some serious fun to your pancake day!


2. Most tosses of a pancake in one minute


Back in 2012, Australian celebrity chef Brad Jolly flipped a pancake 140 times within one minute. That’s just over two flips per second!


3. Highest pancake toss


I wouldn’t stand in the kitchen for this one. Back in 2010, American Dominic Cuzzacrea achieved a staggering 31ft flip. That’s twice the size of a giraffe!

I've got a feeling your neighbours may wake to a garden full of pancakes if you try this one.


4. Most pancakes thrown and caught in one minute


Two serial record breakers teamed up to take on this challenge. Armed with their trusty frying pans, they threw and caught 46 pancakes in 60 seconds.

Tea towels at the ready!


5. Most pancakes made in one hour


Now this one is ridiculous. Again conquered in the US, Erica Price made 1,127 pancakes in an hour! Ironically, her father was the previous record breaker who encouraged her to have a crack at it.

Two girls laughing and flipping pancakes
Photo by Lawrence OP


Now that you're feeling well and truly inspired, why not host your own pancake day challenges?!

Whether you manage to beat the records - or just the eggs - it's time to dig in. Check out how to make the perfect pancake and enjoy making your own tasty pancakes.

Happy pancake day!