Steve Adams - Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Steve Adams - CEO of Mattress Online

Steve is Mattress Online’s founder, CEO and the driving force of the business.

Since 1997, Steve has been heavily involved in the e-commerce industry. From creating his own e-commerce agency to developing transactional websites when the concept was still in its infancy. Steve has been committed to supporting the growth of companies paving the way in the world of digital marketing and sales. 

With over 20 years in the mattress and bed industry, Steve has seen some big changes happen across the sector. But he’s always welcomed every positive change and led the charge for online mattress retailers across the UK. 

“I was very lucky to have started Mattress Online with an industry expert - Steve Kelly had over 20 years of experience in mattresses and beds when we started. I had a fountain of knowledge to drink from and a mentor to grow my sector knowledge at an accelerated rate.

“In addition, I asked lots of questions, and still do. I’m continually learning from my team and my colleagues in the industry. I’m still fascinated by factory tours, working on new product development and actively immersing myself in new trends, from finished products to new and innovative product components.

“I’m a bit of a bed and mattress nerd, meaning I read a lot about our industry, within the UK but also overseas, increasing my knowledge and understanding.”

This extensive experience has seen Steve become a notable and recognisable figure across the industry. As well as regularly judging for the National Bed Federation Awards, Steve also works with a team of industry-leading figures on the NBF Retail Advisory Board. 

Steve is incredibly committed to his work with the NBF on sustainability and mattress recycling in the UK. As a representative for this initiative, Steve works closely with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the UK Government body dedicated to environmental protection and rural community sustainability, as well as supporting agriculture, fishing, and food sectors.

He also works with Zero Waste Scotland to improve the sustainability of the mattress industry in Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland, backed by the Scottish Government, actively works to combat climate change through responsible consumption and waste management practices.

Steve's achievements have caught the attention of several prestigious awarding organisations, including:

Steve Adams and Martin Eastwood accpeting the NBF 2021 Best Online Retailer Award.
Martin Eastwood and Steve Adams accepting the NBF Online Bed Retailer of The Year Award - 2021.

“It’s never easy starting a business from scratch, and especially from your bedroom, but two decades later it’s still incredibly rewarding. I’m so proud of the team we have built, the service we offer our customers and the incredible reviews Mattress Online receives daily. Going to sleep knowing I have helped over a million Mattress Online customers get a good night's sleep makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

Which mattress does Steve sleep on?

"I regularly sleep on a Sealy mattress (the Elevate Holst), which has the right balance of support and softness, and as I’m a side and back sleeper (can’t make my mind up!) it’s a perfect all-rounder. However, I do regularly swap it out to test new mattresses." - Steve Adams

Is Steve an early bird or a night owl?

"Very much a night owl." - Steve Adams