Meet the Team

We have teams of people dedicated to getting your mattress to you, from specifically helping you with your purchase, to having your mattress delivered to your doorstep - we’re all proud to play a part in your mattress’ journey!

Our combined experience and knowledge is unparalleled across the industry, both in our knowledge of mattresses and sleep and in each team’s specific area of expertise.

Trust us - nobody knows more about mattresses than we do! Why not meet some of the people who play a huge role in getting your mattress to you?

Meet the Executive Team!

Steve Adams - CEO of Mattress Online
Steve Adams
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Martin Eastwood, Chief Operating Officer, standing in front of a blue background smiling.
Martin Eastwood
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Martin Adams, Chief Innovation Officer, standing outside smiling.
Martin Adams
Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)
Michael Jervis, Head of Digital, standing outside leaning against a railing smiling.
Michael Jervis
Head of Digital
Craig Roberts, Finance Director, standing outside next to a wall smiling.
Craig Roberts
Finance Director

We are dedicated to learning and growing our expertise and experience throughout the business to provide the best service, and highest quality products so that our customers have the best buying experience.