The Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

Not all memory foam mattresses are purely made of just memory foam. Usually, they are paired with springs, synthetic or natural materials to create a hybrid mattress.

They can also have unique features such as: 

  • Arriving rolled up
  • Being double or single-sided
  • Being hypoallergenic

We’ll explain all the different memory foam mattress types we offer here at Mattress Online so you can find out which one will suit you best!

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A bisection of the Emma Premium Memory Foam Mattress
The Emma Premium is just one example of a memory foam, hybrid mattress

Rolled memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses that arrive rolled up and in a box (also known as ‘bed in a box’ mattresses) are one of the most popular types of mattresses.

This is because they are super convenient to have delivered straight to your home and they can easily be moved to your room of choice.

The SleepSoul Luna 1000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress box on a white background. One of our top 10 recommended mattresses 2023.
Here’s an example of how your rolled memory foam mattress may arrive! This is the SleepSoul Luna

Popular rolled memory foam mattress brands include:

It is important to remember that once a memory foam mattress has been unrolled, it cannot be rolled back up. This is because these mattresses are compressed by specialised machinery and are only designed to expand to their original shape once.

Here’s an example of a Silentnight Studio mattress being unrolled:

Here are some common questions that our customers ask before buying a rolled-up memory foam mattress:

Can you compress a memory foam mattress?

No, you cannot re-compress or re-roll a memory foam mattress once it has fully expanded.

This can severely damage the fillings in your mattress which can affect its look and feel.

Can you fold a memory foam mattress?

No, you cannot fold your memory foam mattress or any other type of mattress.

You risk damaging the springs, fillings or comfort layers beyond repair and invalidating your guarantee or warranty if you attempt to fold your mattress.

How long does it take a memory foam mattress to expand?

This varies between different brands, but we recommend leaving your mattress for at least 8 hours before sleeping on it - longer, if possible.

Some manufacturers advise leaving the memory foam to expand for 24 or 48 hours before using it, so you should always make sure to check the care guide that comes with your mattress.

This should give the foam and fillings enough time to fully expand and settle. Sleeping on the mattress as soon as it appears to have reached its full size can potentially damage and misshape the foam or springs inside.

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Double & single-sided memory foam mattresses

All mattresses are either double-sided mattresses or single-sided. Memory foam mattresses are almost always single-sided.

This is because when memory foam mattresses are being made, the foam mould usually has a denser base and a softer mould to properly support you while you sleep. 

This means that if you flip a single-sided memory foam mattress, you won’t get as targetted support and, in some cases, it can cause the memory foam to become misshapen.

Can you flip a memory foam mattress?

You can flip a memory foam mattress only if the care guide states that your mattress is double-sided and instructs you to do so.

If your memory foam mattress is single-sided, you should only rotate your mattress from top to bottom every season rather than flipping it over.

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What are hybrid memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses usually don’t consist of only memory foam - they are usually paired with another comfort or support layer.

We offer a range of different types of memory foam mattresses for you to choose from. Below we’ll explain the four most popular types of memory foam hybrid mattresses.

Synthetic memory foam hybrids

Synthetic memory foam hybrid mattresses are made up of a layer of memory foam and then an additional top layer of another synthetic material such as:

Gel foam

A gel foam layer on top of a memory foam support block can offer cooling comfort. They often have better temperature regulation than pure memory foam mattresses, making them an excellent choice if you prefer a cooler sleep.

The Silentnight Studio Lux Mattress on a gret fabric bed in a green bedroom.
The Silentnight Studio Lux is a great example of a memory foam mattress paired with Silentnight’s unique gel foam, Geltex

Reflex foam

Reflex foam offers fantastic value for money, often making it a more budget-friendly memory foam hybrid option.


It’s not often that latex and memory foam are combined in a hybrid mattress, but they provide the very best of responsive, pressure-relieving comfort.

Sprung memory foam hybrids

‘Sprung’ mattresses simply refer to any type of mattresses that include springs, whether that be:

Miracoil and Mirapocket is Silentnight’s unique take on the classic standard sprung and pocket sprung spring types.

Pocket sprung

Pocket sprung memory foam hybrids are made with springs that are individually wrapped in their own fabric pocket for more flexible support.

Simba Hybrid 2500 Mattress
One of the most popular sprung memory foam hybrids is the Simba Hybrid 2500

Standard sprung

Standard sprung hybrid mattresses often have higher firmness levels as the springs used are all interconnected throughout the base of the mattress.

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Memory foam mattress features

‘Features’ of memory foam mattresses differ from ‘types’ of memory foam mattresses. All mattress types can have certain features added to them for extra benefits. These include:

These features aren't exclusive to memory foam mattresses, but they are something to bear in mind when looking for a replacement mattress.

Rolled up memory foam mattresses

As we’ve explained above, many memory foam mattresses can arrive rolled up in a box so that it’s easier to take them to your bedroom. They’re especially handy if you’re moving house as they can be easily stored and transported until you need to unroll them.

Hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses

Some mattresses can also be hypoallergenic - also known as anti-allergy. This means that they can reduce the effects of dust mites and bacteria that can trigger your allergies.

This means that you’re more likely to enjoy a sneeze-free sleep!

Pillow top memory foam mattresses

Here at Mattress Online, we sell a variety of luxurious memory foam pillow top mattresses. These mattresses have an extra comfort layer sitched onto the top of the mattress for an additional touch of comfort.

A close up of the pillow top layer on the SleepSoul Space 2000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress.
As you can see on the SleepSoul Space above, a pillow top layer is attached to the mattress itself, unlike a mattress topper

They’re perfect if you love a cosy night’s sleep with sink-in comfort!

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Knowing what types of memory foam mattresses are available will help you pick the best memory foam mattress for you, so why not browse through our memory foam mattresses?