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What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic memory foam, is a synthetic material made from polyurethane, which was first invented by NASA. It was developed to counteract the severe pressures that astronauts' bodies were subjected to as they exited and re-entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Memory foam's potential for the general population was soon discovered, and now its use is widespread. Its unique properties respond to your body weight, adjusting to you as you move during sleep.

Memory foam is a very popular option with our customers. An ideal choice for the customer who wants high levels of both comfort and support, here are just a few benefits in choosing this type of mattress:

Alleviation of pressure

Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, allowing an even distribution of your weight and therefore reducing pressure on the heaviest parts of your body. By optimally supporting the body's weight, memory foam mattresses can aid a more restful sleep.

Reduction in the transfer of movement

Do you often find yourself being disturbed by your partner's movements in the night? You may find that a memory foam mattress offers you a more peaceful sleep, as it can reduce the transfer of your partner's movements more effectively than other types of mattress material.

Reduction of dust mites

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies around the home. The visco-elastic structure of memory foam makes it impenetrable for dust mites. Reducing the ability of dust mites to live within your mattress can reduce allergic symptoms for those who suffer from dust allergies. Therefore, choosing a memory foam mattress can create a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment, promoting a more restful night's sleep.

A warmer night's sleep

Foam is a good insulating material, and the higher the density of the foam, the more effective it is at retaining the heat from your body. This can be a good option for those who feel the cold easily, however some people may find foam to be slightly too warm.

However, many factors can contribute to how hot you may feel in bed, including the ventilation in your room, how high a tog rating your duvet is, and whether you use breathable, cotton sheets. In addition, the Sleep Council note that your age, health and whether you are taking any medications can also have an effect on how hot you may feel in bed. It may be necessary to take these personal factors into consideration before deciding whether memory foam is right for you.

We stock a wide range of memory foam products. This includes memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows. Why not take a look at a few?

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