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Mattress Buying Advice for the Older Customer

You may find that your sleeping needs change as you get older. Perhaps you need a different amount of sleep, or it may be more difficult to fall asleep. Maybe you feel colder or warmer in bed. Perhaps you now sleep lighter or you're more of a heavier sleeper. The National Sleep Foundation say that we're more likely to suffer from insomnia as we get older.

Our sleeping habits can change as we get older. Here a few tips which you might find useful in adapting to these changes:

Your mattress and bed

Are you still getting the same comfort and support from your mattress and bed? If:

  • your mattress is more than 7 years old
  • your mattress has lumps or sags in places
  • you are waking up with a sore back

... you should consider investing in a new mattress and bed.

Your mattress should be supportive and comfortable, with the right firmness for you. For further advice on choosing the right firmness, take a look at our advice page, what mattress firmness is right for me?

Need further advice about your mattress and bed? We have a number of other advice pages which may help. Why not take a look at some of the following sections for some helpful tips:

Your bedroom

Reserving your bedroom for sleep, and removing distractions may help to create a more restful, peaceful place to sleep.

Your bedroom should be dark and quiet. Using a black-out blind or eye mask may help in creating a darker bedroom.

Feeling warmer or colder in bed

As we get older, we may start feeling colder or warmer in bed. This can reduce the quality of sleep we experience. By ensuring that you have layers of bedclothes and sheets that you can peel off if you get hot, or add if you are too cold, this can help to regulate your body temperature.

Bedding and bedclothes made from cotton are an excellent choice for those looking for a highly breathable, natural material.

If you find yourself getting colder in bed, bed socks are a great idea for keeping warm. Warmer bedclothes can also take the chill off. If you still feel cold in bed, getting a duvet with a higher tog rating may help.

Increasing the ventilation in your room may help you to achieve the temperature you need to feel comfortable as you sleep. Opening your windows in the evening to allow cooler fresh air to circulate can aid restful sleep if you are slightly hot.

Getting in and out of bed

Are you finding that getting in and out of bed is little more difficult? Adjustable beds may provide you with a simple solution.

We offer a range of adjustable beds, in a variety of sizes, firmness ratings and styles.

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