10 Tips to Make a Mattress Firmer

Over time, even the firmest mattresses lose support. However, you might not want to splash out on a brand new mattress just yet. So, if you'd like to know how to make a soft mattress firmer, we're here to help!

The best solution to help your mattress feel firmer is to invest in a firm mattress topper. This instantly changes the firmness of your mattress, but we'd also recommend trying out our alternative solutions below.

Read on to discover the 10 tips we recommend on how to make a sagging mattress firmer. You can also find out why mattress firmness is important and how to choose the right firmness for you.

Someone pressing on a mattress
Find out how to make your mattress firmer in 10 easy steps

Step 1: Use a mattress topper

The most popular solution is to invest in a mattress topper. A topper sits on the surface of your mattress to add extra support, comfort and firmness.

They come in a variety of firmness ratings and fillings and make an immediate difference to the feel of your mattress. If you'd like to make your mattress firmer, you can choose firmer topper.

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Luna Gel Memory Topper
The Luna Gel Memory Topper will make your mattress feel more supportive instantly

Step 2: Add plywood between the mattress and the bed frame

One of the most popular suggestions to make your mattress firmer is to add plywood or an MDF sheet underneath your mattress. This is because the solid, even surface will make it feel more supportive. It will also prevent the mattress from dipping and sagging as quickly.

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Step 3: Swap it for a firmer mattress

You could check to see if your mattress includes a sleep trial and if so, if it still applies. If you opted for a softer mattress and found after sleeping on it you'd prefer a firmer option, you could exchange it for a firmer mattress.

Most manufacturers say you should replace your mattress after seven years. If your mattress is over seven years old then there may be little you can do to make it firmer. We sell new double mattresses for as little as £200. Check out our huge selection of mattress brands and sizes.

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Step 4: Replace the divan base

A sprung divan base won't make your mattress feel as firm as a solid platform divan base. This is because the base moves with your mattress as you sleep. If you're looking to make your mattress firmer, upgrading to a platform divan base will instantly make your mattress feel more supportive.

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The Silentnight Slate Grey Divan Base
The Silentnight Slate Grey Divan Base will make your mattress feel firmer with its solid base

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Step 5: Invest in a new bed frame or slats

The slats on your bed frame may have weakened or they might have been displaced or broken. If they have, the uneven surface will affect the firmness of your mattress, so investing in a new bed frame or slats will fix this.

A brand new bed frame with new slats will offer more support. To make your mattress firmer, you should consider bed frames with solid slats as they provide a more supportive feel.

Silentnight Hayes White Wooden Bed Frame
The Silentnight Hayes White Wooden Bed Frame has solid slats for a firmer feel

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Step 6: Flip or rotate your mattress regularly

Turning your mattress is important as it ensures the fillings are evenly distributed. It can help keep it firmer for longer and keep your mattress in good condition.

You should check the care booklet to see whether it needs flipping or rotating and how often. If you'd like to know more about turning your mattress, we have more information in our helpful guide.

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Step 7: Keep your bedding flat

A quick way to make your mattress feel firmer is to pull your bedding tight to the corners of your mattress. This is because the extra pressure on the mattress makes it feel more supportive. Pulling the sheets tight across your mattress every morning will make sure it stays firm.

A woman changing sheets
Changing your sheets regularly also helps to keep your mattress smelling fresh

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Step 8: Air the mattress out

Moisture in the air can make your mattress damp, which causes it to soften. This is especially common if you live near the coast or if your bedroom gets humid.

All you need to do is take the bedding off your mattress, open your windows and air it out for as long as possible. This will help to stop the mattress from going soft as quickly.

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Step 9: Alter your room temperature

Some types of mattresses, especially foam, can be affected by higher temperatures. Warmer temperatures can make the fillings softer, which means you won't be getting as much support. Try to keep your bedroom cool and this should help to keep your mattress firm.

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Step 10: If all else fails - buy a new mattress

Unfortunately, if your mattress is old and worn down, these methods won't provide long-term results, which won't be very cost effective for you. It would be a better option to invest in a new, firmer mattress.

You should replace your mattress every seven years to ensure that you're getting the best night's sleep possible. But, if you see that the surface is lumpy and sinking in places, it might be time to think about getting a firmer mattress sooner.

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Why is a firm mattress important?

Mattress firmness is important because it determines the level of support you'll get throughout the night. Since you'll be sleeping on the same mattress for the coming years, you'll want to choose the best firmness for you so you can have a great night's sleep.

Overall, a firm mattress is important as it can give you a more supported night's sleep which can help relieve pressure from your joints and improve your posture. Firm mattresses can also be more comfortable if you have a larger stature.

Illustration of woman sleeping on mattress
The right firmness level will ensure good spinal alignment

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Is a firm mattress better for your back?

For most people, firm mattresses offer a lot more back support and can relieve some pressure from your spine and joints. Orthopaedic mattresses are an example of this as they are often firmer and are specifically designed to care for your back.

However, if you're struggling with back pain, we suggest talking to a healthcare professional because a firmer mattress isn't always the answer. Check out our guide if you're looking for more information about sleeping with a bad back.

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How do I choose the right mattress firmness?

If you're considering buying a new mattress but not sure which firmness is best for you, it's all down to preference as everyone sleeps differently. You should choose a firmness level that makes you feel most comfortable and supported. This can be dependent on your body shape, sleeping position and if you share a bed.

Here's a brief explanation of each mattress firmness to help you decide which is best for you:

Soft to mediumWe recommend this rating if you want a softer comfort experience
MediumThis firmness combines the best of both comfort and support to give you a perfectly balanced feel - it's just right!
Medium to firmA slightly more supportive feel without the mattress being too firm
FirmMore solid and supportive which can help with back pain
Extra firmAs firm and supportive as you can get!

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Now you know how to make a mattress firmer in 10 easy steps! If you think a new mattress is the best solution for you, browse our extensive collection of firmer mattresses to completely switch up your sleeping experience.

Or, if you're looking to give your mattress a new lease of life, why not check out our great range of mattress toppers today?