What Is a Sprung Divan Base?

A sprung divan base is a luxury divan base that features a top layer of springs that run from edge to edge. These act as a shock absorber to offer cushioned support and a softer sleep surface. There are two types of sprung divan base:

  • Sprung edge divan base
  • Firm edge divan base

Sprung divan bases are considered the more luxurious option and are usually higher in price. However, the benefits they offer make them great value for money. Here are the key benefits of a sprung divan base:

  • Acts as another support layer
  • Provides a softer sleep surface
  • Enhances the longevity of your mattress
  • Firm edge bases prevent roll-off
A sprung divan base with no mattress
Sprung divan bases provide enhanced support for your mattress

What is the difference between a sprung and firm edge divan base?

Sprung edge and firm edge divan bases both offer cushioned support and help prolong the life of your mattress. However, there is one main difference between the two:

  • Sprung edge bases feature springs that run right to the edge of the base
  • Firm edge bases have a solid wood frame that surrounds the spring unit

Here's a summary of how these sprung divan bases differ:

Sprung edge divan baseFirm edge divan base
• Springs from edge to edge

• Higher spring count

• Considered more luxurious

• Usually higher in price

• Can give the feeling of roll-off
• Wooden frame surrounds spring unit

• Lower spring count

• Lower in price

• Prevents feeling of roll-off

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What is the difference between a sprung and platform top divan base?

The alternative to a sprung divan base is a platform top divan base. Platform top bases are easier to manufacture and are more commonly used in divan beds.

The key difference between a sprung and platform top divan base is the top layer of the base. A sprung base features a spring unit whereas a platform top base features a solid wood top.

This difference in manufacturing produces different firmness levels:

  • Sprung divan bases A softer, more cushioned feel
  • Platform top divan bases Ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface
A sprung divan base compared with a platform top divan base
Left: Sprung divan bases Right: Platform top divan base

Sprung divan bases are seen as the more high-end option whereas platform top bases are usually cheaper in price. Platform top bases are more suitable for those who prefer a firmer feel from their bed.

You can find out more about platform top divan support in our guide, 'What is a Platform Top Divan Base?'

When searching for a new divan bed, be aware that some manufacturers will include the base springs in the total spring count of a divan bed. This is more common in high-end divan beds but must still be taken into consideration to fully understand what you are getting from your divan bed.

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Is a sprung divan base right for me?

One of the key factors when choosing a divan base is the level of support you want from your sleep surface. Because sprung divan bases act as a cushion for your mattress, they will provide a slightly softer feel than a platform top base would.

If you are looking for durability from your mattress then a sprung divan base could be the best option. This is because the spring unit within the divan base takes pressure off mattress springs, meaning they can provide greater support for longer.

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What types of mattresses are best for a sprung divan base?

Sprung divan bases are suitable for all mattresses. They are usually paired with softer mattresses to give the bed a more sumptuous feel. Firmer mattresses aren't usually paired with sprung divan bases as a sprung base can reduce the overall firmness of the sleep surface.

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Sprung divan bases: How long do they last?

The National Bed Federation suggests that you change your whole bed (mattress and base) every seven years. Sprung divan bases also follow this guideline.

A common question we face when our customers are looking for a new bed is "my base seems fine, can I just get a new mattress?". The truth is that although your base may seem fine, it is sure to have weakened in some places due to constant use. This means your divan base will no longer be able to offer the level of support it once did.

Placing a new mattress on a worn base:

  • Reduces your overall comfort
  • Shortens the mattress lifespan
  • Wastes money on new mattresses when your base is the real issue

If you're not sure on when to renew your mattress, we have all the answers in our guide, 'When Should I Change My Mattress?'

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Sprung divan bases: Are storage options available?

Recent developments in design and manufacturing have now made it possible for sprung divan bases to feature a range of storage options.

Due to the reduced space a top layer of springs creates, a sprung base storage may not be as deep as a platform top divan base. However, the combination of cushioned support and practical storage make a sprung divan base the complete package.

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When it comes to choosing your divan base it all depends on the level of firmness you are looking for. If you prefer a firm feel from your sleep surface then a platform top divan base is the best option for you. If you prefer a softer, more sumptuous feel, then a sprung divan base is a great choice.

Some brands have a preference on which type of bed base you use with your mattress. To make sure that a sprung divan base is suitable for your mattress, please read our 'Bed Base Guidelines'.