What Is a Platform Top Divan Base?

A platform top divan base is a type of divan bed base. It is a firm, very supportive surface for your mattress. Also known as a "hard top" or "boarded top", this type of base is constructed from a solid timber frame and a non-sprung panel top. This is then upholstered with a fabric cover. This type of base is usually a cheaper option than sprung divan base.

A more solid and sturdy platform for your mattress, a platform top divan is a great option if you're looking for:

  • A firm bed
  • Higher levels of support for your back
  • A complementary bed for your orthopaedic mattress
  • Great value for money
The Silentnight Sandstone Divan Base and headboard: an example of a platform top divan base
The Silentnight Sandstone Divan Bed: a platform top divan base

What is the difference between a platform top base and a sprung divan base?

Both platform top bases and sprung bases can be found within divan beds. Whilst they both offer a supportive surface for your mattress and a comfortable night's sleep for you, the key differences between the two can be found in the:

  • Type of construction used
  • Level of firmness
  • Price

Platform top divan base

A supportive and solid surface, a platform top is essentially a rigid, sturdy base for your mattress. It doesn't contain springs; instead, it's simply constructed from a timber frame and a solid panel top. This type of construction makes it a firmer option, and also cheaper.

Sprung divan base

Constructed using a spring unit within the base, a sprung divan is a more flexible, gently supportive base. It offers slightly more "give" for your mattress than a platform top, and is a little more flexible. For this reason, it can often prolong the life of your mattress. This type of construction makes it a less firm, but slightly more expensive option.

The difference between a sprung divan base and a platform divan base. The sprung divan is a base with springs. The platform divan base is a solid framework, with no springs
An illustration to show the difference between a sprung divan base (to the left) and a platform divan base (on the right)

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I prefer a firm bed: is a platform top divan bed right for me?

Platform top divans are ideal if you're looking for a bed that is firm and supportive. Stable and sturdy, this type of divan base is firmer than most other bed base types.

A firmer bed may be recommended particularly if you suffer from back pain, or you have a larger than average frame. Whilst this may indeed be the case for you, in reality, everyone has different support and comfort needs. For this reason, platform top divans are a good option for anyone looking for a firmly supportive bed.

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What mattresses are best for platform top divan bases?

Since platform top divan bases are firm, they tend to be paired with firmer and even perhaps orthopaedic mattresses. This creates an altogether more supportive effect, and for this reason, this is often the ideal complementary mattress type.

Of course, you may also prefer a slightly less firm mattress for your platform top divan. We offer a wide range of mattress firmness options for you to choose from. As a starting point, why not read our guide, what mattress firmness is right for me?

To double-check that the divan bed you like includes a platform top, simply check the individual product: it should specify whether it includes a "platform top base". If you need any help, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Platform top divan bases: best sellers

We offer a wide range of platform top divan beds. Read on to discover our top four best-selling platform top divans:

The platform base Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Divan Bed in a bedroom with two drawers open 

  1. Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Divan Bed Set

  • From £401.95
  • Orthopaedic mattress included
  • Features extra firm support
The Silentnight Bloomsbury Silver Velvet Bed Frame in a large bedroom in front of tall windows - one of our Top 5 Recommended Beds 2023

2. Silentnight Bloomsbury Silver Velvet Bed Frame

  • From £739
  • Smooth silver velvet
  • Slimline base for a modern feel


The platform base only Silentnight Sandstone Divan Base 

3. Silentnight Sandstone Divan Bed

  • From £209.95
  • Platform base only, perfect if you don't need a new mattress
  • Choose from a variety of headboard and storage options

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Platform top divan bases: what storage options are available?

There are a great variety of storage options available with a platform top divan. Are you looking for maximum storage? Or perhaps just enough space for an extra winter throw or two? Whatever your storage needs, we have plenty of options for you to choose from:

For more information, why not read our guide, what types of storage beds are available?

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Are platform divan bases easy to assemble?

Yes! Many people choose a divan bed because they are very easy to assemble. Your platform top divan bed will arrive complete with the:

  • Bed base
  • Castors, or glides
  • Headboard (if you've chosen one) plus bolts to attach it with

Step-by-step divan assembly instructions

  1. Attach the divan legs Whether the divan legs are in the form of castors or glides, fix these into place on the underside of the bed.
  2. Fix the base halves together Your divan bed base is made of two halves (one whole piece if your bed is single size). Simply join these together using the joining bar, or clip, provided.
  3. Add the headboard If you have chosen a headboard, you can add this to your bed using the pre-drilled headboard sockets. These sockets can be found at both ends of the bed, covered by fabric, with a sticker indicating where you should perforate the fabric. This means you can choose which end of the bed to add your headboard, perfect if you need to place your divan bed up against a wall.

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When choosing your divan base, there are lots of things to consider. We hope this guide has helped to explain what a platform top divan base is.

You may find our advice page, 'What is a Divan Bed?' a useful accompaniment to this guide.

Some mattress manufacturers have strict guidelines on what type of bed base you can use with your mattress. To find out if a platform top divan base is suitable for your mattress, check out our 'Bed Base Guidelines'.