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What is a Geltex or Gel Foam Mattress?

Gel foam is a special type of foam that has been infused with gel that gives it heat reducing properties. The most famous type of gel foam is Geltex.

Geltex is a new form of technology comprising of gel molecules, foam crystals and air-filled cells. It delivers the ultimate in comfort and support by offering triple benefits:

Incredible body support

Immediate spring-back thanks to innovative elasticity, providing excellent response to the individual contours of the body and perfect spinal alignment.

Ideal pressure relief

The exclusive combination of foam crystals, gel molecules and air cells creates a highly flexible and responsive structure. By distributing body weight evenly, it prevents pressure points from building up, yet offers support where you need it most.

Unrivalled breathability

An open-cell structure enables air to pass through easily, creating supreme breathability and reduces overheating as you sleep.

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